A writer without a computer

Well, today marks the day when something happened that has never happened to me before: my computer went on the blitz. I don't know what happened. This morning I was writing, everything was fine. Then I was working on the website, everything was fine. I stopped for about ten minutes and the screen went blank. I thought it was just stuck, so I shut it down. We went to the gym and ran a few errands and came home. I turned the computer back on, and it tried to go through the motions, but no image. Nothing I did worked. It is now being sent off to be worked on. The really bad news: I will be without my precious computer for three weeks! I don't what I'm gong to do. I was just beginning to get back into the swing of writing like crazy because of my new projects. Now I'm lost for three weeks! Thank God I have my iPad so I can keep up with my blogs and check emails. I guess I just have to keep in mind that this, too, shall pass. It's gonna be a long three weeks. This is one of the major downs of the "up and downs of an up and coming writer."


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