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I'm not ashamed to admit when I've fucked up. Or when I've just been a plain dumb ass.
All this time I've focused my eBook attention on Amazon and Kindle, and have totally forgotten about Barnes & Noble and Nook.
But I am rectifying the situation at this very moment! Well, at this moment I'm doing this entry while waiting for files to upload.
Duh! What a dumbass!

Seven months!

Seven months old. Wow, time goes by so fast. It seems just yesterday Brodee came into our lives. It is still very difficult dealing with the loss of Buster, and there are days when Brodee reminds us of him so much that make it that much harder.
But I could only imagine how rough it would have been without him in our lives to help us heal.
I hope Buster is looking down at us and is pleased with his new half brother, and how he's helping his daddies.

Review for Genie

Another great review!

"Amazing read where the author offers you such detailed descriptions, you feel like you're living their story. The main character Madison Reed shows us various levels of personality, ranging from vulnerability and cautiousness to selflessness and strength. The genie, Inus, has made me fall in love. His heart alone is enough to be captivated by his character, but the author is very giving with the description of his smoldering and sexy demeanor. Together these two quickly dive into adventure, trouble, fun, and a little romance. They will need each other to overcome many obstacles to fulfill what they've set out to do...finally set Inus free! Looking forward to The Second Wish!"

Want to read Genie in a Bottle? Click HERE

Trying to stay positive . . . again.

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to fight those negative feeling, as I work my ass off with marketing, but seem to get nowhere. I "beg" for reviews, try to spark conversations on FB pages, all to no avail.

However, I see other authors with comments on their posts, and readers saying how they're excited about the books they publish, and all-around support.

Yes, I have a handful of people who show their support, but a handful does not a good writing career make.

But as a writer, I will continue writing and pushing forward in hopes that my big break will one day show up.