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Settled in and snowed in

As each day passes, Steve, Buster, and I feel more and more at home in our new home. There are still those moments when it doesn't feel real, I don't belong here, and someone is about to tell us to get the fuck out. But, thankfully, those moments only live a few short seconds, and then the gratitude and joy take over again.
We started getting snow yesterday around noon, and it hasn't stopped. We've gotten about ten inches  so far.
But I got to use my new snow blower for the first time this morning when Steve had to go to work. It was fun.
I won't be doing much today. We've been painting the inside of the house, so it's a good day to build a nice fire, and just chill inside. (But, of course, I can't wait to get outside and play in the snow.)

Getting settled

Finally, after eleven days, we are totally and completely moved in to our new home! This has been the most difficult move we've ever had, simply because of a snow storm that arrived a few days before we closed on Feb. 1st., causing the roads to our Cabin Above the Clouds to be pretty much useless for Uhauls.
So, we waited until the weather improved (thankfully, we got a week of gorgeous weather), and we rented yet another Uhaul, and got the last of our stuff out of the garage at the apartments.

I tell you what, it really feels differently knowing we're 100% moved in. There was a sense of calm and relief that set in almost instantly.

Now it's time to get the office in order, get the gym in order (lots of catching up to do there), and get our lives back to some sort of semblance to normalcy. Which is one of the reasons I'm writing this post first thing. I told myself that I would be better with my blog, and I plan on doing just that.

Another thing I need to get back to …

A week in!

It was a week yesterday that we moved into the Cabin Above the Clouds, and it still hasn't fully sank in that we're here.
It's amazingly quiet, and at night it's darker than dark, which will take some getting used to, I suppose.
We still haven't totally moved our stuff from the garage at the apartments due to the snow storm. The roads leading up to our new home are a bit tricky. But Friday, we'll be getting another truck and finishing up. It will feel even better once we are fully moved in.

We like the new neighbors so far. They come by and sit in the yard and watch us all day, but keep their distance. Hopefully they will learn that we aren't a threat, and will become more and more comfortable sharing this land.
I haven't gotten back into writing as of yet, one main reason being that the top of my desk is one of the larger items we have yet to move from the garage. But little by little, all will fall into place, and this magical place on the mountain will f…