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Blue Moon Excerpt

Chapter 14
John’s screams woke me from my flight.  I sat up in the chair and looked at him. He was naked and bent over, like he was sick.  I stood and walked to the glass.
  “John, are you okay?”
He moaned and screamed out again. “Leave!”
  “What’s wrong with you?”
  “What the fuck do you think is wrong?”
  “John, tell yourself that it’s all in your head.  Try and stay in control.”
He stood and lunged at me.  I stepped back as I looked at him.  His face was red, all distorted and covered in sweat.  He growled at me. “Does this look like it’s in my fucking head?” 
  Tears flooded his eyes.  “I’m sorry.” I whispered. 
  I don’t know why, but I just felt that I had to apologize.  Partly for not trusting him, no matter how many times I said I did.  For not believing him, even after I was convinced.  But mostly, I think I apologized because at long last, I absolutely knew it was true.
  “John!” I yelled as he flung himself against the far wall.  I watched as he repeated this, again …

It's that time again-

Well it's that time again.  Time to hear the word Olympics 20 times a day.  Time to see update commercials every five minutes.

Nah, it's not so bad.  It's actually a fun time.  It's an uplifting occasion. 
Even if you don't watch every event (and there's nothing that says you have to), there are still plenty of entertaining things going worth watching. 

The Summer Olympics are great.  I mean, I really like the winter Olympics, with the skiing and the ice skating and bobsled stuff. 

But the summer Olympics . . . The summer Olympics . . .What can I say?

There's something about the summer Olympics that makes it so special.  I can't seem to put it into words . . .

Like it's not just all the countries getting together in solidarity and all that la-di-da stuff.  There's something about these games that moves you every time they come around . . .

I don't know what it is.  Perhaps it's simply because it's summer, and it's the turning…

Those pesky negative feelings

Yes, I do have my precious computer back, but this entry will have no picture or proper spacing because I'm working on the iPad at work. Anyway- Things have been good for me lately. But as things tend to do, they change slightly. The rush of book purchases have slowed (simply in person, not sure about online). And of course, that high I had felt is beginning to fade. Those negative feeling are beginning to creep in like smoke under a door. But I know those negative feelings are uncalled for. This is simply the regular pace of things. It's silly to give negativity any merit at this point. So I'll try the next venture of marketing, try to reach out to the next group of people. I'll keep going. That's all I can do: try. I won't stop. I made a promise to Steve and to myself that I would do whatever it takes to make Luthor a success. And I WILL see that happen. Negative feelings be damned. Don't forget to stop by and have a look around the Store on my site h…

Another satisfied customer

You'd think I would be getting used to the strong effects Luthor has on readers. But then I go to my computer, open up FaceBook and there's a post by someone that says this: "Little bit sad and unsure of what to do next. Just finished Luthor by an amazing author, Pol McShane. I smiled, I teared up, I flat out cried . . . All I can say is READ IT!" On some level, I do feel badly about making so many people feel sad and uncomfortable, but on that same level, it's exactly what I want them to feel. I don't know where this ride will take me, but I'm enjoying the journey.

Figuring it out as I go along

It's early Sunday morning.  The better half of my life just left for work, and I have poured myself a cup of coffee, and patiently await for its magical properties to take effect.

Yesterday was a bit difficult, as I was almost in a car accident due to another person's recklessness.  That proverbial last straw was almost reached, and I swore I would take out my retirement and throw the towel in so we could leave Austin and move to Colorado. 
But as my blood pressure returned to normal and my shaking subsided, pure common sense slowly found its way back into my subconsciousness.  With a mere two years to go, if I gave up my retirement, I would kick myself each morning I got up for work in the future for being so careless.

So, as the dawn of a new day breaks, I know there will be challenges that come with it.  And those challenges will have to be dealt with each in their own manner.  I will simply have to figure it out as I go along.

The writing has been going as well as expect…

Another summer is quickly passing

It's July 5th. Yesterday marked the true symbol of summer: the 4th of July. Our's went on without much fan fair. Steve worked and I wrote most of the day. The evening was spent soothing Buster as he paced and panted each time a firework exploded somewhere in the night sky. In my mind, the 4th of July seems to be the halfway point between summer and fall. Although I'm quite aware that it is not the case. Perhaps it seems so to me because we've been dealing with summer temperatures since early May. A trick of Mother Nather. But seeing things this way has its benefits. I am able to look forward to the time when temperatures will begin to drop, and the leaves will begin to change into their autumn outfits before their final days, when they will wither and descend to the ground. Time seems to be passing quickly. That's fine for me. Another day closer to the future. A future that holds my dreams in its grasp. A future where anything is possible.