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So thankful

I guess I try to always be thankful.  But this year, I feel especially so.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, my mind is racing with so many things I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband.

I'm thankful for the last twenty-two years he shared with me.

I'm thankful we have such a great dog in Buster.

I'm thankful for the fact that I have just over a year left at my day job until I retire, we move to Colorado, and I will be a full-time writer.

But while we're still here in Austin . . .

I'm so thankful for our house.  On some level we wish we didn't love this house as much as we do, since we won't be here long, it would make it easier when we have to leave.

And I'm thankful that Steve and I have great neighbors around our house.

I'm thankful for my health and Steve's and Buster's and so many others.  That may sound cliche' but, I've registered death records for the city of Austin for the past twenty-four years, there…

Pol's Life: Luthor Review

Pol's Life: Luthor Review: Luthor never seems to disappoint.  Another great review: Five stars!-Sinister, yet touching story- "Characters so vile, it'...

Luthor Review

Luthor never seems to disappoint.  Another great review:

Five stars!-Sinister, yet touching story-
"Characters so vile, it's hard to describe . . . abuse so tragic, it's heartbreaking.  The story draws you in with a yo-yo of hope with every turn of the page, and McShane delivers!  A few characters are both victim and villain in this story.  It's dark, taboo, and extremely well written.  Read this book!"

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Sunrise vs sunset

I've always had a thing for sunrises and sunsets. The colors and the displays are incredible. It's amazing what nature can do, and it's always different. 
But I think, if I had to choose between them which I liked better, it would have to be sunrises.  Sunrises are symbolic to me as the start of something new. A new day, new adventures, new challenges. It's a new beginning. 
Perhaps that's the way life is, there are sunsets and sunrises, the endings and beginnings of happy and sad events. 
I strive everyday to make my life full of sunrises.

Love the change!