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Pol's Life: Time is flying!

Pol's Life: Time is flying!: I can't believe it's already June 26th! At the beginning of the year, my retirement time in February of 2015 seemed ages away.  But ...

Time is flying!

I can't believe it's already June 26th!At the beginning of the year, my retirement time in February of 2015 seemed ages away.  But now, as we pass the half-way mark, and I've only got seven months or so to go, I find I'm getting more and more butterflies about the whole thing. 
I know it'll be wonderful when it finally gets here, but the fact that I won't be working any longer (knock wood) is scary. I don't fear that I'll get bored, I'm sure I'll find plenty to occupy my time.  But with retirement, there will be another major change: our move to Colorado!  If you've been reading my blog throughout the years you know that we've been planning this pretty much since we got back from Canada where we were married. And now that it's less than a year away, the excitement and fear of such a big change is exhilarating and obviously scary.
I hope you'll stick around and join Steve and I as we begin a brand new chapter. It should be interesti…

Luthor trailer

Holy crap!

Squish-Squash made it to #10 on the top 100 gay & lesbian horror Kindle list!
Thank you to everyone who has met the confused, sad swamp creature with the heartbreaking past!

Been much better

Things have been much better within the turmoil that was my mind the past few months.
I'm sure those who have only read my last five or six posts are thinking, "What a nut job!"
I'm here to assure you that I am quite sane, just going down the various paths of a struggling indie author. Those paths, for the most part, are straight and unobstructed, but every once in a while there is an obstacle blocking they way, and I have to work around it. 
For now, I can see clearly down that path, and the future appears pretty bright. 
Thanks to all of you!

Great series!

Steve and I were late comers to the Game of Thrones craze, we did a marathon of the first three seasons, and then watched season four with the rest of the world. It wasn't for any other reason then we just hadn't had time to watch them.
But once we started, there was no stopping! It's such a great series, and last night's finale didn't dissapoint!
But now we have to wait for season five! Oh, I'm not a patient person!

Nice surprise

It's was a nice suprise to see the the Kindle version of Squish-Squash is number 56 on the top 100 gay and lesbian horror!Thank you to all who made that happen.