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Sad start to the day

So, once again I wake up in a good mood, and within minutes of turning on the TV, I'm brought down to sadness by the news of another senseless shooting. 
People are all pissing and moaning because they think their gun rights will be taken away. It's not so much about your right to have a gun, it's more about keeping the guns out of the hands of the fucking lunatics that carelessly take lives and leave so much heartache in their wake.

Scary but fun

Well, at least we can now say that we've done it once. 
To celebrate our 24th anniversary, Steve and I drove to the top of Pikes Peak. It took about an hour, and at times was pretty nerve racking. But there were some pretty spectacular views when it wasn't too scary to look down. 
It was cool, too, because we were able to see our cabin from 14,000 feet! 
And after we got back down and were home, it was the cherry on top to be able to look out our back door and see what we just drove up.