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Back again (I think)

It seems, even when I have every intention of posting more on this blog, things happen and I'm not able. I'm not even sure, at the end of this post, that I'll be able to upload it, but we'll see.
Anyway, things have not been going the way you might think, in the life of a retired person. I've been working. Yes, I got a job. It's only a part-time job, but it's working in a restaurant, and it's hard. But I'm doing it to assist with the down payment for our forever home. We will close on February 1st!
But other than working, I haven't been doing much. I haven't the energy most days. All writing and wood burning projects are on hold until life settles down again. I'm sure the world will survive.
We had our first blizzard the other day. It was interesting. Unfortunately, Steve had to drive down to the Springs for work in the middle of it. I'm off today, and Steve, Buster, and I are going to drive up to our new home ( it's 1,200 feet higher…

Blog hasn't worked

I've been trying to rectify my blog problems. Google and my new internet service have not played well together.