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I'm sitting here waiting for Steve to get home from work. And as I sit here, my stomach grumbles and complains because I'm starving! He's bringing us dinner from Chuy's and I can smell it already! So, in a few days (four to be exact) we will be leaving for our road trip to Colorado. We can't wait! That's pretty much the thing that's been occupying my mind almost every hour of every day. Now that I've got the camera situation sorted out, I can't wait to take a ton of really pretty pictures. But as excited as we are to go to Colorado, I know it's going to be very difficult to return to Austin. I will have to get it in my head to deal with what we have for the remaining time that we'll have it. I will only end up making myself crazy if I regret every second. I'll simply have to find my happy place as I fight traffic and deal with the 100+ degree heat this summer. But the few years we have left here is only a moment in time compared to…

Another step-

Well, I said I would do whatever it takes to make Luthor a success. Yesterday I took the next step: I entered Luthor into the Writer's Digest Self-Published Books contest. Alas we I'll have to wait until October 5th to find out the results, but I have a good feeling about this. Entering the contest is an important step because 1)No matter what happens, it gets Luthor seen. 2) WHEN Luthor wins (positivity is the key to most everything), aside from the $3,000 prize, ten copies will be sent to big publishing houses. Also Writer's Digest will write a review and showcases the book on their site, plus a few other things I can't recall. But the point is, Luthor will be getting A LOT of exposure. Little by little. Until everyone knows his name. I'm mailing the book off tomorrow morning. And then we wait!


Okay, I was supposed to come home and do two hours of writing.  But when I got home, I had to walk the baby. 
Not so bad. 
But then when I got back, I realized that the garbage had to be taken out. 
Fine, I did that real quick like.
Then I go into the office to write-
Oh, wait, I needed to change the picture size on my camera before I forget, because it occurred to me earlier in the day and I have been trying to remember to do it.  Anyway-
I take the camera out, I change the size of the images, and to test it I snap a shot . . .
The freakin thing was doing it again!
So, after a few "Oh, no, no, no, no!" I went through the same motions I did the other day when I had to fix the camera.
But nothing worked.
Then I opened the program and did a firmware upgrade and . . .

An hour I spent on that shit. 

Then it was time to try and write. 
I read through a few pages . . . my mind started drifting, every once in a while,…

Close one!

Okay, so I've been in a bit of a panic the past few days. 
Let me explain:

You know Steve, Buster, and I are going on our road trip to Colorado in a week and a half.  Well, on this trip, I definitly need my Olympus camera with longer zoom lenses for all the wildlife.  But something has been wrong with the camera.
It turns on okay, but try and take a picture and you got an error on the screen: D-222 or some shit. Anyway, it had been a month or so that I needed to have it looked at.  Then we realized we were going to Colorado so soon.

Instead of sending it back to the manufacture  (which is what I was told to do by online "support"), we hoped that it was just that the battery was two years old and it needed to be replaced.
So, Steve looks on and finds the battery for $30-fine, he goes into the store by our house gets the battery walks to the counter and they say its $50. 
Apparently it's cheaper to buy the item online.

So, since we had…

Partial-chapter 22

CHAPTER 22 1960

The child was two. Two years of living and learning each day what would be expected of him in the future. Two years of learning that, for some reason, he was different thanothers. And that difference was not a good thing. He was different than the only other three people he could remember seeing in his two years of life: the doctor, the father, andthe mother. They looked different than he did and they didn't like it. It seemed the mother didn't mind the difference as much as the other two.
   He could see it in their faces. He could feel it each time they refused to touch him or come near him when he cried. They were afraid, but at the same time cared for him, fedhim, and kept him well. If they despised him so much, why did they do this?    He was a child of two. He knew these things were going on around him but didn’tunderstand why. He could see his skin was not like the others’. He could feel that hisskin was rougher than the mother's or the doctor's. He …

Another work day almost gone-

I'm sitting here at lunch at work (Blech) with nothing but time so I thought I would post an entry. I just got back from the post office, mailing off another book (nice!). I only hope that this great momentum keeps up, if it does, I'll be the happiest guy in the world! This month is just about half over and I can't wait for June. Why? Because Steve and Buster and I will be taking our road trip to Colorado! We will finally see our future home: Woodland Park! I can't wait! (And we all know how I am with waiting.) Other than that, not much has been going on. I'll be working on the site again tonight and hopefully get the freaking PayPal thing to work. That will be a load off my mind. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Gonna head back in and finish off yet another workday.

A little sleepy, but worth it-

Last night, as Steve and I lay in our bed waiting for sleep to fully envelope us, we began to wonder what the neighbor above us was doing, because we kept hearing booming and rumbling.  Eventually we realized that it wasn't the neighbor at all but an unexpected thunder and lightning storm that was quickly approaching. 
As the thunder got louder and louder (and Buster became more and more anxious) we jumped out of bed, ran to the window and threw up the sash--nah, not really. But we did jump out of bed to go watch the storm.  And man, what a storm it was.  The wind and rain was fierce!  The rain lasted throughout the night and into the early morning. 
Thank you, God!
We need nights/days like that.  My heart still breaks when I think of the ten million trees that died last summer because of the drought.  I hate to think about it because it only exacerbates the whole global warming problem.  The trees on the planet regulate the moisture in the air, while also cleaning it.  Part of…

Just a quick hello-

As I sit here waiting to begin my work day, I wanted to just say a quick hello. As you can tell by the lack of a picture, I'm on my iPad, my new best friend. I never thought I would love the iPad as much as I do, but I do. I'm sill learning all the ins and outs, but I'm getting there. Things have been pretty much going in a steady forward motion for me. Steve is finally felling better, which always eases my mind tremendously. Book sales have been great. Work has been not as horrible as it usually is, so that's a nice change. And Buster, well, he's still his cute adorable self. The weather here in Austin has begun to slowly feel more like Texas weather; that is to say, it's getting hot as shit. I told myself, this year I would try and not get as stressed about the weather as I did last summer. I just have to keep it in my head that there is nothing I can do about it, and my time here gets shorter and shorter with each day that passes. Oh how I can't …