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Everything will be okay

Everything will be okay. That's what I have to believe.
I've started being more open about the personal trials in my life with this blog, in hopes of sparking more interest.

Things aren't great. I don't want to leave our mountain. Steve doesn't, either. But that threat is looming over our cabin like a angry rain cloud. The cost of living is expensive up here. Combine hat and the previous bills we came here with and they are beginning to take their toll.
Steve has to work so hard, with ridiculously long hours, in order to make it work. He's not living in this place, he's simply working here. The stress is bad. Stress is bad.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I've been working a part-time job. I hate it. I've also been trying everything I can to get more books sold. I've sent a set of Serpenteens books to J.K. Rowling. All she needs to do is tweet about them once to her 25 million followers and less than 1% of them need to buy an eBook . . .


Have you read . . . ?

Pol McShane, author. What good does that mean to someone if they haven't read your work?
Luthor/Blue Moon/The Rise of the Son/Squish-Squash/Inanimate Objects/Serpenteens . . .

More than seventeen titles, from adult suspense to YA series' full of genies and goddesses.

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Do something for the planet today!

Work Sunday

Steve's off today, but of course, I have to go to work. I can't wait to retire again!

Second Wish, 2nd draft

I'm working on the second draft for book two of the Genie in a Bottle series.

Each time I'm close to finishing a new book I can't help but have that hopeful feeling:

"Maybe this will be the one. Maybe this will be the one."

Dream comes with struggle

When is too much information too much information in a blog? I don't know. Feeling a bit melancholy this morning after Steve left for yet another 12/13 hour day after a 14 hour day yesterday.

People see my posts on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and think it's simply perfect here. And yes, visually, it is. But it comes at a price. There are more and more instances when I can't help but question: is that price too much?

It was my idea to move to the mountains after I retired from the City. But it seems that Steve is currently catching the brunt of that decision. He works down in Colorado Springs (down a 14 mile pass) and works long hours. Finding a job in a small city that would pay enough for us to be able to pay all of our bills proved to be more challenging than expected. I, too, have had to get a part-time job to tide us over until my writing career finally pays off (yes, that was a slight hint to all you readers).

But working long hours hasn't been the only ch…