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Fun gangster movie!

Steve and I went to see Gangster Squad today and we loved it! All the characters were enjoyable to watch, and the action seemed non-stop.
Obviously it doesn't hurt that Ryan Gosling was cute as ever. Sean Penn was great, too.
It's was a fun gangster movie!

Writing is fun again-

It's only been four days since Inanimate Objects has been out, but it's already making people talk. And that's exactly what should be happening. And that makes it all worth while. Over the many years I.O. had been written and rewritten, through the many edits, and various Word version changes. (Actually, when This book was FIRST written, it was done on a Brother typewriter that was the newest thing because it had a screen on it, and you could type a whole sentence and see it before the machine would start typing. At the time, it was super cool.)

Anyway, all the work that went into this book is worth is when I start hearing people talk about it. Scenes and events in the story that only Steve and I have known of for 20 years, people are getting to experience.
And that right there just makes writing great.

I want say, although I've always loved writing (even tried to quit one time, but my heart wouldn't let me), it had lost a bit of the thrill through the years of…

Prologue-Inanimate Objects

The house was strange to her.  Unlike any she had ever known.  It was large.  Old.  The smell of mildew clung to the air like a disease. The night was cold and dark.  The nightgown she wore was barely enough to keep the chill off her shoulders.  She walked, slowly, down a hallway that seemed to have no end.  She was scared, because she did not know the house and knew for certain that she was lost within its walls.  She desperately wanted to leave, but could not discern how.    As she walked down the hallway, cobwebs fell across her face.  Stroking her skin like ghostly gossamer fingers.  She touched the wall and felt along it, hoping to find her way to safety.  Tears streamed down her cheeks as she realized she might never return to the house she knew to be safe.  The house she now so desperately searched for. Finally, mercifully, the end of the hallway came.  There, she found a door.  An escape.  She placed her hand on the knob and stop…


I just saw on CNN how a paparazzi (paparazzo?) was snapping pictures of Justin Bieber at a red light. Apparently it was a busy section of road and, after being told to get back in his car, he crossed the street without looking and got hit and killed by oncoming traffic.

My question is: Was that shot of Justin sitting at a red light, really that important?

I understand that it's their job and it's how they make money, but this is clearly when it goes too far.