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Today in history-

It was forty years ago today that the Stonewall riots took place. To be perfectly honest, I didn't know until today that the riots lasted for six days. I wonder if that makes me a bad gay person, not knowing my own history. Oh well, I try. I never did excel in History back in school. But the fact remains, that the riots were a pivotal turning point for the gay community. It almost makes me wish something similar would happen again to get people to allow us to marry who we're in love with. But I'm not a very violent person, so deep down I hope there's another way. But if those fuckers don't listen soon . . . I haven't done much today. It's been too hot to venture outside without the fear of my skin burning off my bones. I went to the gym this morning, then spent most of the day working on edits for The Rise of the Son. I could have finished all of them, but Steve's working again tomorrow night, so that will give me something to do. Speaking of…

The Day After-

Yesterday was pretty difficult for me, as was for most of the world, I'm sure. The passing of Michael Jackson was a shock. It was as painful as it was unexpected. One contributing to the other. I remember when I was in high school, I would do Michael impressions in the halls, and I still do them occasionally at work today, complete with leg kick and crotch tug. Yes, I'm strange that way. But, as they say, life goes on. While it is a terrible thing that happened, we must all deal with it and go on. Michael will be remembered by all in our own special ways. My day started off much better than it ended yesterday. I received an email from the producer of Blue Moon informing me that things are going well and they are already working on the second draft of the script. I couldn't have heard anything that would have made me happier (well, other than the fact that we won the lottery, but you get the drift). We also had some people come and look at the house again today, but…

Horrible day-

We will miss you so much! Rest in peace. We love you!

What a Monday

Well, today was another day that really sucked. I've been having a lot of those lately, and I don't know why. It started out with an email from the IRS (or so I thought). It stated that, after reviewing their records, we are due a $1, 800 refund. It looked really official, the links to the treasury department and contacts and other crap. There was a separate page to be filled out to receive our refund. All we had to do was provide all of our information: social security number, credit card number where the money will go to, etc. Even though it was 6:30 in the morning, I thought, "Mmmm, shouldn't the IRS have our social security number?" and it didn't specify our names. So, I thought I would try the "contact" button to confirm the deal. No dice. Every button I hit, brought me back to the same page where I was to enter my info. Aaaaaaaaaah-bullshit! I copied the email address and sent a lovely reply. So, if anyone out there gets one of those, d…

Gonna be a long day

Today is gonna be a long day. You see, we're trying to sell our house, and today we're having an open house. That means that we have to take Buster and vacate for three hours. Which usually isn't that bad, but Steve's working today, so it's just Buster and I alone. And we could usually go to the park or something, but it's going to be another 100 degree day so that may be out. I have no idea what we're gonna do. Anyway, the picture on the right is one of my woodburnings I did for someone. Pryrography is something else I do on the side. Every once in a while I'll post my newest piece here for you to see. And, every once in a while they may be naked men. That's why there's a adult content warning before you open the blog. When I was blogging at Yahoo360 I posted a piece called The Embrace, it's a picture of two guys, naked, holding each other. I had never done people before, just landscapes and animals, and wanted to try it because t…

So we meet again-

Hey, what's up? It's me again. Since I've just started this new blog, I feel as if I need to let those who have no idea who I am . . . know who I am. I'm a writer, living in Austin, Texas with his husband and their golden retriever, Buster. We (my husband and I, not Buster and I) have been together 18 years (Buster and I, 4 years). We were married in Canada last year (Steve and I). I am the author of five books currently out. My four-book children's series: The Magic Elevator-The Adventures of Johnny & Joey- Back to the Elevator-The Adventures of Johnny & Joe- Return to Animal Land -The Adventures of Johnny & Joey- The Button That Should Never, Ever, Ever Be Pushed-The Final Adventures of Johnny & Joey. (If I may plug myself , there's a great website,, that will give you a bunch more information about those books. And I have also, my first published book, Blue Moon. This one is not for the children. It's the story of…

Another day

Another day is almost through. Another tick mark off the counter. Not much happened today. Same shit, different day. My good friend Anjela (she does the artwork for my books) and I are more than half way through Breaking Dawn, the final installment of the Twilight series. We've both read all the books once before on our own (mmm, Jacob), but we have been reading books to each other for almost two years now and started re-reading the Twilight books shortly after we finished them on our own.
Needless to say, we're fans.
Other than a very exciting reading hour with Anj, I spent the rest of the day in a frantic blur trying not to quit five years out of retirement (one problem after another).
But that was about it. Whoopie!
Now, I'm sitting here, waiting for the 101 degree day to cool down just a bit so I can go out and mow the front lawn. Loving Texas right about now.

I did read something interesting today, though:
"Obama signed a memorandum on Wednesday to extend he…

Feeling at a loss

Well, today I had a big let down. Of course it's my own fault. I do this to myself constantly. I get myself all hyped up about something that will take more work than I actually give it credit. But that's how things get done, right?
Let me explain.
You see, I'm sick of Texas. Nothing against the Lone Star state, but I've been here for half my life and I'm ready for a change (not to mention that it is 103 today, and it's June). Actually, when Steve and I got back from our wedding trip to Canada we were both ready for a change.
For a while it was Canada, but there were too many hoops to jump through.
Then, we found Portland, Oregon! We saw a show about it on Logo. They talked about how it was the most gay friendly city in the country. And that fit us just fine. Anywhere where we can feel more welcome, is right up our alley.
Anyway, we've been dreaming of Portland for a while now, and I thought I had put together a plan.
You see, we're selling our …

Let's see . . .

Okay, let's see how this works. This is my first blog entry in this blog site. I have about two years worth of posts on Yahoo360, but that's closing toward the end of July. I went to the new site they have and I don't really like it, so I went out looking for a new. Here I am. Who am I? My name is Pol McShane. I am writer living in Austin, Texas with my husband and our golden retriever. At the moment my writing career is a bit on the slow side. We're in the process of doing a movie based on one of my books. I've just finished the sequel to said book and now I've been working my ass off doing wood burnings. Yes, wood burnings. I've done quite a few so far and have been doing quite well with it lately. The picture above will be my next one. Well, that's all I want to say for now. Just testing the waters. Until next time. Later-