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Memorial Day

Thank you to all of those who gave their lives so that we may live a better life.

Life is good

As the sun comes over the mountain on another beautiful morning, I am once again thankful for this new life. We still get snow showers every few days, but when the sun comes out, it melts away pretty quickly. It's just one of the things we deal with in order to live in this magical place. 
I have been writing, writing, writing! I've finished the final installment of the Serpenteens series. Steve read it and finished yesterday. He loved it!  It's going through two more edits and then will be published. We can't wait for everyone to experience it, too. 

Keep on keepin' on

We're finally done with the snow in the mountains. The last remnants melt away more and more each day, leaving nothing but an anthill of dirt and ice. 
Projects around the cabin have been popping up. Projects that had to wait for warmer temperatures. Projects that, when completed, make us love our new home even more.
Now the balancing act begins--getting all the things done around the place that need to be done, while still managing to write and do some wood burnings.
Thankfully, I've completed the final installment of the Serpenteens series! Steve is currently reading through it, so I'm using this time to start a new book, and work on some of those projects. 
There are times I wish I was like one of the Cullens from Twilight and never had to sleep. Imagine all that I could accomplish!  Alas, I am but a simple mortal, forced to shut down and recharge every seventeen hours or so. 
But this is life, right? And right now, life is pretty good.