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Last Christmas

Well, our last Christmas in Austin has come and gone.  It was a really good one, though. Friends came over for dinner and drinks, Santa was good to us.
There have been times in the past when, the day after Christmas you get that feeling of, "Aw, Christmas is over. Bummer." But not really this year because there's so much more in our very close future! 
Next stop, 2015!


It's our last Christmas in Austin. It's very bitter-sweet. While we're so excited to be starting a new life in Colorado, we've had so many wonderful times here that it's going to be difficult on many fronts to leave. 
But we're spending time with friends and neighbors, cherishing every moment.
Of course, I can't help but feel nostalgic during the holiday. Christmas has always had that certain feeling about it; the one that makes it such a special time of year.  All the houses are decked out with lights, radio stations play Christmas carols 24/7, you can't help but feel the spirit.
True this Christmas is special because it's our last one in Texas, but we can't wait for the white Christmases in our future!
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!


It seems that Florida attorney general, Pam Bondi, who is twice married and twice divorced, doesn't approve of same-sex marriage and is trying to have it blocked. The hypocrisy of these people is absolutely amazing! They're all screaming about the sanctity of marriage when they can't even hold their own marriage together! Ugh!

Another one!

Congratulations to Florida!
What a loss the world suffered on this day. 

2 1/2 months and counting! Getting nervous, but so excited at the same time! I can't wait to be a full-time writer!

So important

For an independent author word of mouth is so important! Your help goes a long way!

Pol's Life: One day . . .

Pol's Life: One day . . .: It's hard at times, fighting that nagging feeling that it's all for nothing. I know being an indie author is always going to be...

One day . . .

It's hard at times, fighting that nagging feeling that it's all for nothing.

I know being an indie author is always going to be an uphill battle, and that I have to have faith that one day it will all be worth it.  But there are many times when the going is tough.

But I continue to write because I love it.  I continue to write because when I don't, I feel as if I'm depriving my body of something it needs to survive.

I write and write in hopes that one day the names Luthor or Serpenteens will be as recognized as Carrie and Twilight.

I write because I have so many tales to tell.

So, no matter how many times that nagging feeling raises its ugly head, I'll just push it back down and continue writing.

Because I'm a writer.


The cold weather has finally moved into Texas, and I couldn't be more thrilled.I love the cold air, and I'm thinking of it as Colorado training!

Worst drivers

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Austin has the worst drivers in the world!
It is one of the main reasons we want to flee the city. Every day is like a video game, where the strongest and most skilled will make it to their destinations without incident.
I don't know what it is, perhaps all the people coming here from other places like California (sorry California, but I've caught a few of your plates doing all the wrong things) get here and realize the streets are overcrowded and traffic sucks, and they end up getting frustrated and doing things their own way, no matter who it effects.
It's very scary at times.
But the day when we get out of here gets closer and closer, so we'll just have to continue playing the video game and doing our best not to lose.


I finished the final draft of Secrets of the Cave!  

Marriage equality

It's really been amazing these past few weeks with the changes that have happened with marriage equality.Unfortunately, Texas is still fighting it, and I'm sure will be one of the last states to accept everyone as equals.  We just can't get to Colorado fast enough!!

Pol's Life: Serpenteens!

Pol's Life: Serpenteens!: Before book three come out, catch up on all the Serpenteens' adventures! Click here!


Before book three come out, catch up on all the Serpenteens' adventures!
Click here!

Getting closer

It seemed that the day would never get here, but as mid-October approaches, my retirement is right around the corner. February 13th will be here before I know it (and probably before I'm ready, ironically).It will be an enormous change in my life, but it's a change that I am so grateful to be able to achieve.
The more people learn this, the better the world will be!

First draft done!

I finished the first draft of Secrets of the Cave yesterday! I'm so happy with the way it's turned out so far! I can't wait for people to read it.

Pride 2014

We went to Pride weekend this Saturday and had a blast!Our neighbors are great,  and it is going to be so hard to leave them when we move.

The cover!

The cover for book three of the Serpenteens series is done! It's perfect!I'll be posting it on the Serpenteens FB page on Friday!


If you haven't read the first two installments of the Serpenteens' saga, there's still time before book three comes out!
In paperback & eBook!



Sad day

You will be missed! We love you!
Rest in peace, Ms. Rivers. 

Cool write up about Squish-Squash

This was a cool thing to see on Facebook today.  A write up about Squish-Squash!

             Clink the link below-
What a beautiful picture of two icons!

Stephen King

I'm sending a copy of Luthor to Stephen King.  Not really expecting anything to come of it, but it would be really cool to know that he read the book.


Writing again

I started writing again.  No matter how much I try to fight it, I just can't.  It feels good.  Just put myself in a different mind-set.
Fingers crossed!



I try and try and try!
It's hard not getting discouraged (a state I seem to be stuck in for the last seven months) where my writing "career" is concerned. 
Here's an example-
Yesterday I posted a link for my Serpenteens trailer. I posted it on Twitter (7 thousand+ followers), and I posted it on the Serpenteens FB page (184 likes), I posted it my regular FB page (400+ "friends"), and I posted it on six other FB pages for writers to post their work (?).   And out of all of that I got 3 views!
WTF? Is it really that much of a bother for people to take one minute out of their time?  Apparently I'm just wasting MY time. 

Changes coming

For years I've been talking about our move to Colorado. We found Woodland Park about five years ago and have been patiently waiting.  Now, we are only a few days away from August, and this year will be gone before you we know it. 
We are very excited about the changes that will come starting February, but we are also getting a bit nervous.   Yes. I'll be retired, but the simple fact of not working any longer is weird. Then the move to Colorado! Steve was born in Texas, and I have been here for nearly 35 years; the move to a brand new state will be such a wonderful start to a new life!  As long as my nerves ease up. Change is not really my thing. But this change will be so worth it!

Pol's Life: Time is flying!

Pol's Life: Time is flying!: I can't believe it's already June 26th! At the beginning of the year, my retirement time in February of 2015 seemed ages away.  But ...

Time is flying!

I can't believe it's already June 26th!At the beginning of the year, my retirement time in February of 2015 seemed ages away.  But now, as we pass the half-way mark, and I've only got seven months or so to go, I find I'm getting more and more butterflies about the whole thing. 
I know it'll be wonderful when it finally gets here, but the fact that I won't be working any longer (knock wood) is scary. I don't fear that I'll get bored, I'm sure I'll find plenty to occupy my time.  But with retirement, there will be another major change: our move to Colorado!  If you've been reading my blog throughout the years you know that we've been planning this pretty much since we got back from Canada where we were married. And now that it's less than a year away, the excitement and fear of such a big change is exhilarating and obviously scary.
I hope you'll stick around and join Steve and I as we begin a brand new chapter. It should be interesti…

Luthor trailer

Holy crap!

Squish-Squash made it to #10 on the top 100 gay & lesbian horror Kindle list!
Thank you to everyone who has met the confused, sad swamp creature with the heartbreaking past!

Been much better

Things have been much better within the turmoil that was my mind the past few months.
I'm sure those who have only read my last five or six posts are thinking, "What a nut job!"
I'm here to assure you that I am quite sane, just going down the various paths of a struggling indie author. Those paths, for the most part, are straight and unobstructed, but every once in a while there is an obstacle blocking they way, and I have to work around it. 
For now, I can see clearly down that path, and the future appears pretty bright. 
Thanks to all of you!

Great series!

Steve and I were late comers to the Game of Thrones craze, we did a marathon of the first three seasons, and then watched season four with the rest of the world. It wasn't for any other reason then we just hadn't had time to watch them.
But once we started, there was no stopping! It's such a great series, and last night's finale didn't dissapoint!
But now we have to wait for season five! Oh, I'm not a patient person!

Nice surprise

It's was a nice suprise to see the the Kindle version of Squish-Squash is number 56 on the top 100 gay and lesbian horror!Thank you to all who made that happen. 

Fighting inner demons

Well, I'm still on a writing break and working on another elk burning.  I won't be posting progress pictures because through all my efforts, there was not one comment, not one "interesting" "cool", nothing.  So, again I was left feeling that no one really gives a shit.

It's hard fighting these inner demons of self-doubt when nothing seems to change.


Finally finished! This one turned out to be one of my favorite burnings!

Almost there!

I think I'm ready to start the antlers!

Back at it

I took a couple of days off from burning to spend some time with Steve, but I'm back at again today. Spent about two and a half hours adding dark shade to one elk and just barely started on the other. But I'm done for tonight. 

Pol's Life: That's it

Pol's Life: That's it: My fingers are tender because I'm using a higher temperature right now, and the pen is hot.  Two hours is all I can do tonight.  Look at...

That's it

My fingers are tender because I'm using a higher temperature right now, and the pen is hot. Two hours is all I can do tonight. 
Look at the difference between the two elks now that I've added more shading to the one on the left. 
I love it!  This may end up being my favorite. 

Okay then-

I didn't think I would post more pictures until the finished product, but the changes with each layer of shading is too cool to not share. 
This stage is after an hour and a half of shading darker areas. The realism starts really coming out. 

Historic day

Yesterday Michael Sam was drafted into the NFL and history was made. I only wish there weren't still so many people filled with hate that just spew cruelty out of their mouths (and keyboards).
Okay one more! But I'm done for today!

Second to last

I think this will be the last pic I'll post until it's finished.

Hair makes a lot of difference

The more hair I add to the elks, the more realistic the picture becomes.

Starting to take form


At it again

Getting started again. Not really sure if anyone's interested but this is the machine I use to burn. Notice the small tips? That's part of why these burnings take so long to do.

That's it for today

Didn't get too far, but my hand needs to get used to holding the burning pen for long periods of time again.But it's a good start.

Pol's Life: Like riding a bike

Pol's Life: Like riding a bike: After almost three years without burning I was a bit nervous to do that very first burn. But I did, and my nerves quickly vanished, and I fe...

Like riding a bike

After almost three years without burning I was a bit nervous to do that very first burn. But I did, and my nerves quickly vanished, and I felt comfortable with the pen, it was just like riding a bike. 

First step

The first thing I do is to transfer the outline and key points of the image onto the wood. All the real detailing comes with the shading later. Transferring the image is easy enough, you can use transfer paper, but sometimes the line isn't easily erased after the burning is done if it shows through the lighter areas.  I just go back to grade school and cover the back of the image with pencil, flip it over, align it, and trace. (Tip: use a red pen, that way you'll know what you've done and that you haven't missed anything.)

Getting started

Steve and I drove all over the place today looking for a cool piece of wood for the elks burning, but we couldn't find shit. So I settled for the cut basswood log from Hobby Lobby. Not as big as I wanted, but it'll do for now.

Must keep this in mind!


Wood burning

I think I'll be taking a break from writing.  While I do that, I will be able to do a woodburning, something I haven't done in almost three years because I've been writing so much!

Better . . .

Well, after my little melt down the other day, I have to admit that I'm feeling better.  That is to say, better, but not great. I'll just have to see what the future holds for me.

Treading water and going under

Once again I have  that all too familiar feeling that I'm treading water and running out of steam.  
I love writing, and I hate that I get to feeling like this at times, but it happens again and again.
Because I feel it's all for nothing.  I spend most of my hours at home sitting in front of the computer writing.  When I'm not doing that, I am on Twitter and FaceBook marketing.  I post and try to promote as much as possible, but then when the royalty check comes in every third quarter, I'm let down tremendously. 
I will retire from my day job in 10 months, and was looking forward to finally being a full-time writer.  But at the moment, I feel I will most likely have to get a part time job at some point, because sales from my books will do nothing to supplement my income.
Posting poor sales is probably not the greatest thing for an author to do, but that's what this blog is about- the good and the bad, and right now I'm feeling pretty badly.  I've written el…