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Christmas eve

It's Christmas eve. Steve's still asleep. I on the other hand have been awake for a little over an hour. But that's okay, this is how it goes. I'm the early riser and he sleeps in a while. It gives me time to take care of the things I need to take care of, like my farm on Farmville. Also the more important things like finishing edits on Luthor, which I'm happy to say that I've done. I hope I will never have to read through it again (of course I will when it is published one day).
Now I have to get it professionally edited and get it ready for when the agents/publishers start knocking down my door.
2010 will be the year that I kick some ass in trying to get things done. Not that I haven't really tried in the past, but I have a habit of getting very discouraged after so many rejections and quit for a while.
But not this year. This year I'm gonna let those fuckers know what they're missing. This year the world will start seeing the name Pol Mc…

New beginnings

You know, it's been a trying year, this 2009. The sale of the house, the slow career changes. The economy. Although you never really want it all to get to you, it somehow does. All those little things start to wear you down, if just a little. But then Christmas time comes along and things start to change. The weather turns colder, the lights start coming on and neighborhoods are transformed into colorful winter wonderlands. In some places, snow covers the ground, adding to the special Christmas extravaganza that encompasses everything around you. I've been in Texas for a while, but I remember my years in New York. I remember when the snow would come. You could smell it in the air before it arrived. Then the snow would start and it was the most magical thing to watch. Just sit there for hours watching it fall from the night sky. All in anticipation of the 25th. So this is Christmas . . . They say it's the happiest time of the year. I can see that. It…