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New year new me

As we sit on the brink of a new year, I am determined to make 2019 a wonderful year.
Steve and I have had very challenging times the past few years, and it’s taken its toll on my mental well being.
But things have to change!
With this coming new year I will focus on positivity. Focus on working out (which has been lacking lately), and focus on doing whatever I can to take my writing to the next level.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Changing times

Well, when we moved to the mountain. I had thought life would be great, but we’ve had challenge after challenge. Life has been difficult, and it seems nothing good is coming down the pike.

Author interview

Thought I'd share an interview that was done a while back.


Fighitng the fight

Well, Steve and I are chugging along.
This whole separation thing with his work has been taking its toll on us. Only a few more months, but it feels like years. But each day and week that goes by means we're that much closer to being done, and we'll be able to get back to a normal life.

I see him every four or five days. They are now times even more cherished, I guess. Which is a good thing. On the days when Steve's in Denver, I go to work, and then I come home and spend a few hours writing.
And each day passes, one after the other. Some are easier than others. But each day that does pass gets us closer to being done with this current challenge. Let's hope it's the last one for a while.
But on the plus side, I'm getting a lot of fucking work done.


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A bit lonely

Well, Steve and I are in our second month of this separation. It's been pretty hard on us. Harder than we had hoped it would be.

I try and stay busy, but most times I end up idle, lost in thought. I've been trying to work on my new book. Yes, I repeatedly say I'm no longer going to write because it sucks. But I'm a writer, and I can't help myself.

But when my mood is so effected by Steve's absence, it's very hard not to convey that in the story and have to rewrite it all later.

I will continue to write because it's the only way I can one day have Steve home full time. It'll happen. I won't stop until it does.

But until that time, Steve will work in Denver until December, and I'll wait here on the mountain, writing away.
We'll get through this. We're tough. One day it'll all pay off.

Until then, here's a link to my website if you haven't been there for a bit, and another for my Amazon page. Have a look around. Thank you!


Never-ending challenges

We've had our fair share of challenges since moving to Colorado. More than once we've almost packed it in and cried, "Uncle!"

But we love our mountain, we love our cabin, and the life we could and will have here. So we keep fighting and we continue to overcome.

Steve will be managing a new restaurant down in Colorado Springs called Chuy's. That's great, since he had worked for them in Austin for many years and welcomed him back with open arms. However, until the new place opens, after the first of the year, Steve will be working in Denver.
He has made the commute daily for the last month. It began taking its toll quickly. The cost of gas alone on top of the hour and a half trip both ways.
Now, thankfully, he will be staying with my younger brother in Denver for the remaining months he has to work there. It's good because it helps with Steve's terrible commute, but we will only see each other on his days off.

Yet another challenge.

After almost twenty-…

Nothing new

Nothing new has been going on. Just working to try and survive. Steve’s been commuting to Denver every fucking day because he got a good job. But it’s only u til December when a new place opens down in the Springs. Until then, I’ll stress and worry about his safety.

I’m not working on a new book right now because I’ve lost all enthufor writing. The lack of reader support and reviews have taken their toll.

The end of another series

Well, it's here, the final installment of the Genie in a Bottle series-After the Wishes~Inas. It's always bittersweet when I finish a series of books. But with the Genie books, I felt a real connection. After hearing Christina Aguilara's song, and the flood gates opened, the storyline, characters, and books came almost too easily.

Little secret: After the Wishes~Inas almost didn't happen. The original series was supposed to be a trilogy, with only The First Wish, The Second Wish, and The Third Wish. I had planned on an entirely different ending than the one that ultimately came to be.

The final installment is told by the genie, Inas. It was extremely fun to write in his point of view, and I think added a whole new element to Madison and Inas's story.

Click HERE to join the magic.

Thanks for your support!

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: The final cover!

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: The final cover!: I'm so excited about the final cover of the Genie series! It came out perfectly. I had been planning this cover for a while, ev...

The final cover!

I'm so excited about the final cover of the Genie series! It came out perfectly.
I had been planning this cover for a while, even before the third cover was revealed. This is Madison's bottle, and I asked Angela Tolle, my fantastic graphic artist, to use only the opening and remove the topper for the third book. Then for the final book, the whole bottle would be used and it would be closed, because . . . well, you know. And if you don't, then you haven't been reading, and if you haven't been reading, then I'm not talking to you (😊).

Genie series!

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Current project

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Current project: As winter comes to a slow end, the hope and inspiration of better times is alive in the air.  I am excited about my newest project. N...

Current project

As winter comes to a slow end, the hope and inspiration of better times is alive in the air.  I am excited about my newest project. Now that the final Genie book is complete and being edited, I have the time I need to really begin to create. The new book is called Mirage.  I have the storyline and initial notes completed, now for the outline.

Keep on truckin'

It's been a long, cold winter. But the weather is warming and the hint of Spring is in the air. 
The Third Wish is finally in paperback. Readers really seem to be enjoying it, and are left eager for the final installment. Which was what I had hoped would happen.
After the Wishes, the final installment of the Genie in a Bottle series, is in the editing stage, and I am really excited about its release. I especially enjoyed this one because the story is told by Inas. It turned out better than I had hoped, and made ending the series bitter-sweet.
Other than that I have been working on storyline and notes for my next book, Mirage.
Stay tuned!
See all my titles here!

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Rough times

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Rough times: I promised myself that 2018 would be better than 2017, since 2017 pretty much sucked. But Steve and I brought in 2018 with the flu. And...

Rough times

I promised myself that 2018 would be better than 2017, since 2017 pretty much sucked.

But Steve and I brought in 2018 with the flu. And that was the worst experience either of us had ever gone through.

Then, after I was feeling better, my back went out as I brought in firewood. Usually, when my back goes out, it's only for a few days, but this one lasted more than a week. To make matters worse, I was off for two days, but I had to go to work the rest of the time. That may not sound too bad until I remind you that my part-time job is housekeeping at a little motel here in WP. Not something you want to do when you can't bend over.

Anyway, it's been a few days and my back is okay, once more. I am going to focus on strengthening my back from here on out to help prevent it from happening in the future. But since I've been dealing with this for 30 years, I'll at least try and keep it in check.

Things have been tough so far, tougher than I wanted. But 2018 will be the ye…

Review for the Third Wish

Thank you for this wonderful review!
"Pol McShane is one of my favorite author's and this genie series that he wrote is filled with such wonderful magical adventures and romance. One of my favorite chapter's in the book is when the character, Madison Reed, finally was granted her 3rd wish from Inas her genie. The transformation that she had to go through for her 3rd wish was not only a painful transformation but also, it transformed her whole life all together! This genie series will definitely hold your interest and will leave you wanting more especially the ending of Book 3. I can not wait for the next book to come out! Please check out this series and other adventurous series by this author."
Haven't yet read the Genie in a Bottle series? Click HERE to join the magic!

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Third Wish Reviews

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Third Wish Reviews: I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year. Unfortunately, Steve and I have spent the first two weeks of it battling that da...

Third Wish Reviews

I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year. Unfortunately, Steve and I have spent the first two weeks of it battling that damn flu everyone is talking about. But we're almost back to 100%, so it's time to focus on other things.
Like The Third Wish.
It's been a week since its release. I really hope readers are liking it. I have yet to see any reviews on Amazon yet, I hope that will change soon.
Many people don't realize how important those reviews are. An author's books won't be listed in certain places, or catch people's eye, unless it has a certain amount of reviews. I pray that one day I will be well-known enough that my books speak for themselves and reviews come easily. Until then, I have to do some work.
Please, if you've read The Third Wish or any of my books, take a few minutes to post a review. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a few sentences on what you thought. 
Thank you so much for your support. And in case you need…