A bit lonely

Well, Steve and I are in our second month of this separation. It's been pretty hard on us. Harder than we had hoped it would be.

I try and stay busy, but most times I end up idle, lost in thought. I've been trying to work on my new book. Yes, I repeatedly say I'm no longer going to write because it sucks. But I'm a writer, and I can't help myself.

But when my mood is so effected by Steve's absence, it's very hard not to convey that in the story and have to rewrite it all later.

I will continue to write because it's the only way I can one day have Steve home full time. It'll happen. I won't stop until it does.

But until that time, Steve will work in Denver until December, and I'll wait here on the mountain, writing away.
We'll get through this. We're tough. One day it'll all pay off.

Until then, here's a link to my website if you haven't been there for a bit, and another for my Amazon page. Have a look around. Thank you!




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