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First review

Here is the first review for my new book Genie in a Bottle.
"Genie in a Bottle: The First Wish is the first book in Pol McShane’s exciting new series.The main character is a sweet teenager named Madison Reed, who has always had a very tight bond with her father.It’s just the two of them since her mother passed away and they’ve had a difficult time dealing with the loss.Life gets turned upside down when Madison makes a grand discovery: a genie in a bottle! Inas, a three thousand year old genie, and Madison quickly form a close bond and Inas seems to be the savior by filling every void in Madison’s life: friendship, love, and adventure.Most importantly, he brings hope to Madison’s life for a brighter future for her and her grieving father. However, everything is not so simple, there is a dark side to the world of genies and it feels as though the entire universe is conspiring against them.
It was enjoyable to get lost in Madison and Inas’ magical world. I felt a real connection with…

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I feel numb. I feel like crying at a moment's notice. I keep wanting to wake up, but I can't.
How did this happen? How did enough Americans vote an evil tyrant of a man like Donald Trump into the highest office in the nation?

I don't feel like I belong here anymore. I know there are thousands that are hurting just like me, but right now, at this moment, I feel so alone.
I feel lost.

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Preorder eBook now!

Pol's Life-The New Chapter: Preorder eBook now!: Great news! The eBook version of Genie in a Bottle is available for preorder! On Thanksgiving morning it'll be released to your reader....

Preorder eBook now!

Great news! The eBook version of Genie in a Bottle is available for preorder! On Thanksgiving morning it'll be released to your reader. How cool is that? When you get sick of your family, you'll have a book to go read.

I hope everyone enjoys the book, and remember, it's only just begun.
Thank you!

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Genie cover!

The cover is here!!!

Genie Trailer


Coming back

As many of you know, our beloved Buster passed away late July. It sent my (our) world into turmoil, and a sadness I thought would never end. But with each passing day I feel a bit stronger and more like my old self. We have a new brat to care for, and he sees to it that we smile at least once every day, which has been very helpful in the healing process.

I am very excited about the future, I  have a brand new series coming out. I've written nothing but Serpenteens for the past four years, it feels so fresh. Only a few more weeks until Genie in a Bottle-The First Wish!