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It's a good thing this house will be our forever home, because the approval process and all the finance bank crap has been one of the worst experiences we have ever encountered.  We close Monday morning at ten, and just this morning (Friday) got final approval. Seriously? 
We knew we would get approved, but it was all the little hoops we had to jump through like circus dog that was making us crazy! 
But it will all be over soon, and this will be our view for the rest of our lives!

Annoying process

As we anxiously wait to move into our new house we are struggling with the bank with one thing after another. But it will all be worth it in the end, because the house is perfect. Steve and I went there yesterday and walked around, and I lost track of all the deer paths that were around. I stood in the woods and just listened to the absolute silence that enveloped me. I didn't want to leave, but knew we'd be back for good in a week.

Another huge loss

This morning we learned of yet another huge loss. Alan Rickman passed away, after battling cancer.  RIP you wonderful man.