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Another great loss-

Thanks for the music.
Davy Jones 1945-2012 

Time to breathe-

Finally I feel like I can relax and take a breath.  Luthor is in production!  After 17 years, the time has finally come.  It was real before, but I was so busy working with the editor and doing edits, getting the new website finished, then working with my friend and getting the cover art done, and the fan page, and the trailer, and working with iUniverse, I didn't really let it sink in. 
But now, (other than bookmarks and getting one last trailer done) it's finished.  Everything that I have to do is complete.
Well, let me rephrase that--as far as getting Luthor published, it's done.  Once it's out there, a whole new list of chores will head my way to get the word out and market it.
But for now, it's time to slow down a bit.
It's time to take a weekend and know that I've accomplished something great.  It's time wait and see my dream come to fruition. 
So, I'll spend the weekend catching up on some reading.  Do some laundry.  Watch TV or a good mo…

When it became something more-

It's been a few days or more since I've posted a new entry.  Sorry, been busy.  Luthor is in the production stage and there has been a lot of things to take care of.  Currently I'm reviewing the first set of proofs that were sent to me.  They look cool.  I can't wait for the final product.

I've talked a lot about Luthor over the last few weeks.  I've mentioned how near and dear he is to my heart.  Luthor has that affect on people. 
It was strange; when I first set out to write Luthor, I had every intention of creating a new monster.  I love monster stories and I wanted to create one of my own.  The initial tag line for the book was:
Dracula The Wolfman The Mummy Frankenstein . . . That was then. Luthor- This is now. So, I began writing.  I came up with the initial idea of a deformed child who goes berserk.  I created the reasoning of why Luthor was deformed: brother and sister inbreeding.
But then I continued writing more.
Things first began to change as I told Josh…

Trying not to do anything-

It is Saturday afternoon and I sit here trying not to do anything.I am obviously ultimately failing at that task since I am posting in my blog.
Why, you ask, am I trying not to do anything?It’s simple: I need the rest.I need to allow my mind and body to decompress for a few days.
Yesterday was the last of the Luthor tasks. I still had a few things to take care of, but it is done and the production process starts on Monday.
It has been a hectic time, these last few weeks.My chiropractor actually noticed that my back was very tense and asked, “Are you stressed out?” I explained about the book coming out and he nodded in understanding then proceeded to try his best to twist my head off.
So, I told myself that I would take weekend off.
But I’m not very good at it.I still find myself worrying because I haven’t worked on the young-adult series in a while with all the Luthor stuff going on and I need to get to that.I need to do a media kit for the book stores.I need to get the book trailer…

The final step-

Things to do:
Make Luthor fan page-(check)
Get Luthor to the editor-(check)
Get Luthor cover done-(check)
Correct errors the editor found-(check)
Get Luthor to Production-

It's the final step.  Tomorrow I send Luthor to the publisher for production. 
I can't begin to tell you how much this moment means to me.  As I've mentioned in previous entries, I wrote Luthor so long ago, and he's meant so much to me over the years, it's surreal to know that in another month or so I will finally see it in print. 
And what's more, is that the world will meet Luthor.  They will get to know him and love him just the way the other four people in the world have.  Yes, only four people (other than myself) have ever read this story.  But they've each never forgotten that they have. 
I will tell you more about how I came about to create Luthor in the next few days, over the next few weeks. 
I'll tell you how the book came to be something entirely different, yet no less powe…


I've never been an exceptionally patient person.  And there have been times in my life when that has proven to be a downfall.  At this particular time in my life, my lack of patience is not helping the situation.
For one, I'm extremely excited about Luthor being published and for the world to finally meet him.  I've created a Facebook page to add all sorts of teasers and information on.  I have over 400 "friends" on FB and more than 500 followers on Twitter.  But alas, there are only 41 people out of 900+ who have joined the page.
I know I shouldn't be taking it personally, but a part of me is.  I need to slow my roll and remind myself that it's a big world and people have other things going on.  I need to just be patient.
Also, I've been working on a new website.  I've spent hour upon hour building it and fighting with it, only to have problems when I try to publish it.  Now I have to wait for tech support to get back to me on Monday.  Again, pa…