I've never been an exceptionally patient person.  And there have been times in my life when that has proven to be a downfall.  At this particular time in my life, my lack of patience is not helping the situation.
For one, I'm extremely excited about Luthor being published and for the world to finally meet him.  I've created a Facebook page to add all sorts of teasers and information on.  I have over 400 "friends" on FB and more than 500 followers on Twitter.  But alas, there are only 41 people out of 900+ who have joined the page.
I know I shouldn't be taking it personally, but a part of me is.  I need to slow my roll and remind myself that it's a big world and people have other things going on.  I need to just be patient.
Also, I've been working on a new website.  I've spent hour upon hour building it and fighting with it, only to have problems when I try to publish it.  Now I have to wait for tech support to get back to me on Monday.  Again, patience. 
Yesterday I went to get new glasses.  Unfortunately, after failing to get an eye exam in  almost five years, I learned that that horrid word "bifocals" has found its way into my life.  But that's okay, I'll deal with it.  Although the doctor said it would take about two weeks to get used to them.  During that time I would have to deal with dizziness and trying to focus on particular objects. 
Okay, that's fine, I'll deal. 
So we went and found a pretty cool pair of glasses and I was actually looking forward to having my eyesight back.  But after a half hour of signing papers and getting fitted and whatnot I was told that the type of lenses I would need are not carried in the store and it would be two weeks before they arrived.  Great, I would have to wait two weeks before I could even start my two weeks of eye training.
Ugh, it's an annoying word anyway.


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