Trying not to do anything-

It is Saturday afternoon and I sit here trying not to do anything.  I am obviously ultimately failing at that task since I am posting in my blog.

Why, you ask, am I trying not to do anything?  It’s simple: I need the rest.  I need to allow my mind and body to decompress for a few days.

Yesterday was the last of the Luthor tasks. I still had a few things to take care of, but it is done and the production process starts on Monday. 

It has been a hectic time, these last few weeks.  My chiropractor actually noticed that my back was very tense and asked, “Are you stressed out?” I explained about the book coming out and he nodded in understanding then proceeded to try his best to twist my head off.

So, I told myself that I would take weekend off.

But I’m not very good at it.  I still find myself worrying because I haven’t worked on the young-adult series in a while with all the Luthor stuff going on and I need to get to that.  I need to do a media kit for the book stores.  I need to get the book trailer done, the bookmarks done the  . . . the . . . the—

No. I will unwind.

I’m reading Tiger’s Voyage, since I’ve only read it once and the first two books I’ve read twice.  So that’s helped.  I’ve tried to watch TV, but my mind tends to wander when I sit numbly staring at the latest most shocking police chases or what people are house hunting for what house.

Tomorrow Steve’s off, so that will help occupy my time. 

So, I will finish this entry and attempt to continue my weekend of no writing work.  Whether I succeed or not is yet to be seen. 

Don’t forget, if you haven’t gone to Luthor’s fan page on Facebook and “liked” it, please do.  I can’t help but be a little put out by the minute amount of people who have, in comparison to the number of friends on my list and followers on Twitter (I'm just saying).!/pages/Luthor/332611310104952

Don’t forget, when the fans reach 100, two of you will receive autographed copies when the book is released.

For those of you who have already signed on, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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