When it became something more-

It's been a few days or more since I've posted a new entry.  Sorry, been busy.  Luthor is in the production stage and there has been a lot of things to take care of.  Currently I'm reviewing the first set of proofs that were sent to me.  They look cool.  I can't wait for the final product.

I've talked a lot about Luthor over the last few weeks.  I've mentioned how near and dear he is to my heart.  Luthor has that affect on people. 
It was strange; when I first set out to write Luthor, I had every intention of creating a new monster.  I love monster stories and I wanted to create one of my own.  The initial tag line for the book was:
The Wolfman
The Mummy
Frankenstein . . .
That was then.
This is now.
So, I began writing.  I came up with the initial idea of a deformed child who goes berserk.  I created the reasoning of why Luthor was deformed: brother and sister inbreeding.
But then I continued writing more.
Things first began to change as I told Joshua and Amanda's story.  Their struggles and torment began to take on a whole new level of sympathy and sorrow.  Then the part of the story came when Luthor was born and he took over the story as he took over my heart. 
Everything changed.  All that I had intended fell by the waist side as Luthor took the tale in a whole new direction.
And the tag line that his story ended up with:
Within the eyes of darkness,
there hides a child.

Now I'm seeing the final results of what that child has become and my heart is full.  Luthor became something more once, I think after the book release, he'll do it again.


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