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Never-ending challenges

We've had our fair share of challenges since moving to Colorado. More than once we've almost packed it in and cried, "Uncle!"

But we love our mountain, we love our cabin, and the life we could and will have here. So we keep fighting and we continue to overcome.

Steve will be managing a new restaurant down in Colorado Springs called Chuy's. That's great, since he had worked for them in Austin for many years and welcomed him back with open arms. However, until the new place opens, after the first of the year, Steve will be working in Denver.
He has made the commute daily for the last month. It began taking its toll quickly. The cost of gas alone on top of the hour and a half trip both ways.
Now, thankfully, he will be staying with my younger brother in Denver for the remaining months he has to work there. It's good because it helps with Steve's terrible commute, but we will only see each other on his days off.

Yet another challenge.

After almost twenty-…