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History in the making

Today, March 26th, the Supreme Court heard arguments over Prop 8 in California. Tomorrow, they will hear arguments over DOMA (defense of marriage act). We won't know the rulings of these cases for a couple of months, but the fact that they heard them in the first place is cool.

If things happen the way we pray they will, then everyone who is in love with someone else in this country will have the right to marry them. No matter what race or gender.
As some of you may know, Steve and I went to Canada in 2008 to get married. It was great, but when we got back to our country and back to our republican-filled state of Texas, that marriage didn't amount to crap, except in our hearts.

We didn't expect it would happen so soon, but there is a good possibility that by summer, after four years, our marriage will be just as legal as any heterosexual's. And that's amazing!

It will be a historic day, and I can't wait to see the celebrations!

Less than a week away!

Well, the close of the house is less than a week away.  We are super excited! I have to admit, Steve was right.  You see, when we thought there might be a chance I could retire a bit early, we were just going to remain in our apartment until it was time to retire and move to Colorado.  But when things didn't happen the way we had planned, and we found out we would have to wait until march of 2015, then the apartment life didn't look so good anymore.
Steve couldn't see renting for two more years, and although I saw his point, I was also a bit weary about buying a house only to sell it again in two years (I was not going to be stuck here).

But, as they always do, things happened the way they were supposed to.  We went house shopping and found a house that was being built, in a neighborhood that was still being built (meaning resale would be easy), and everything else fell into place.

Now, we can't wait until we move into a fantastic house that will make our last two ye…


This just infuriates me! He's been the pope for a day and already he's spreading hatred instead of love. Love is what God wants from us! This is the reason so many have lost faith in the church, not God or Jesus, just the church and their views from the dark ages!

Building momentum-

Part of being an Indie author is marketing. For the most part, I don't mind that. I actually like coming up with cool ideas on how to get the word out about my new books. I've had trailers made and flyers, and also took a picture with a giant snake for Serpenteens.

But there are always those times when you feel it's just not enough, and that euphoria kind of fades slightly. But another part of being an Indie author is not letting those times last very long.

I have high hopes for the future of Serpenteens. Once people start meeting Kody, Talen, Kurt, Lana, and Brodee, they'll spread the word on what a cool gang they are.

So, take a chance on the Serpenteens team and read their tale. It's only the beginning. The first installment of a four-book series. Whether it's a tornado, hurricane, flash-flood, or blizzard the team will fight through and use their powers to overcome any obstacle.

And don't forget to LIKE the Serpenteens FB page at…

Another busy weekend-

It's my second weekend of keeping busy while on a writing hiatus.  I sure have been getting a lot of stuff done around the apartment.  I'm refinishing old tables, packing what I can for the move to the new house, even helping friends with projects around their house.

It makes me dream about my retirement in a couple of years.  I'm looking forward to it, not only because I'll finally be a full-time writer, but because there will be so many projects I'll be able to work on.  And that's what I love to do.  Never been the type to sit around very much.

Today I have to refinish the matching table to the one I did yesterday.  I think I'll also pack the dishes.  Our move is getting closer and closer, so it's about time to start working with limited supplies.