Saturday, March 23, 2013

Less than a week away!

Well, the close of the house is less than a week away.  We are super excited! I have to admit, Steve was right.  You see, when we thought there might be a chance I could retire a bit early, we were just going to remain in our apartment until it was time to retire and move to Colorado.  But when things didn't happen the way we had planned, and we found out we would have to wait until march of 2015, then the apartment life didn't look so good anymore.
Steve couldn't see renting for two more years, and although I saw his point, I was also a bit weary about buying a house only to sell it again in two years (I was not going to be stuck here).

But, as they always do, things happened the way they were supposed to.  We went house shopping and found a house that was being built, in a neighborhood that was still being built (meaning resale would be easy), and everything else fell into place.

Now, we can't wait until we move into a fantastic house that will make our last two years here in Austin so much more enjoyable.

We close in about five days, and we'll be moved in totally in about six (okay, maybe seven).

They say that moving is one of the most stressful times you can go through, but I don't feel it.  I'm excited and anxious.  The packing is mostly done and the move itself shouldn't be that hard.  And getting the new house fixed up the way we want it will be fun, so, stress . . .eh, not so much.

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