History in the making

Today, March 26th, the Supreme Court heard arguments over Prop 8 in California. Tomorrow, they will hear arguments over DOMA (defense of marriage act). We won't know the rulings of these cases for a couple of months, but the fact that they heard them in the first place is cool.

If things happen the way we pray they will, then everyone who is in love with someone else in this country will have the right to marry them. No matter what race or gender.
As some of you may know, Steve and I went to Canada in 2008 to get married. It was great, but when we got back to our country and back to our republican-filled state of Texas, that marriage didn't amount to crap, except in our hearts.

We didn't expect it would happen so soon, but there is a good possibility that by summer, after four years, our marriage will be just as legal as any heterosexual's. And that's amazing!

It will be a historic day, and I can't wait to see the celebrations!


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