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Well, today sucked!

You have good days, you have bad ones. Today was one of the bad ones. It started out this morning about 5:45 when I pulled a back muscle working out. Then, once at work, the day just went from bad to worse.
It was nothing life altering, just those little annoyances and problems that complicate your day. And there were many today.
I received a text from Steve and he said his day was pretty much the same. So, no writing tonight, just going home and Steve and I are gonna have wine until we feel all better!

Great Sunday morning!

I've spent this Sunday morning sitting on the front porch with a cup of coffee (okay, two cups), the trusty iPad, and watching the sun come up.

Mornings are truly my favorite time of day. Everything seems fresh and new. The air is quiet, but for the song birds just waking and warming up their singing voices.

But, although it's great sitting on the porch of our new house and feeling wonderful, there's still that hint of an aching regret that the moment wasn't occurring on Colorado.
I guess, no matter how much I try, I won't be completely content until we're in our home somewhere in Woodland Park, hopefully surrounded by woods.

But for now, I thank God for what He has given us. And I am grateful for this great Sunday morning.

Life's new chapter-

It's been almost three weeks that we've been in the new house, and things are slowly falling into their normal paces, as life's new chapter begins. Getting used to working out in the mornings before work, adjusting to leaving later for work (the 10 minute commute is a God send), and the various tasks of taking care of a new home are becoming more habitual.

Aside from the house, another part of my life has changed: our boss at my day job (22 months left of that, and counting) has retired.
It's a bit up in the air right now of who is going to be hired to replace her; many have asked if it would be me, to which I quickly reply, "No!" I don't want the stress. Besides, I've got too much writing ahead of me to have my mind preoccupied with a new job.

This new chapter will be a nice change, but the real adventure will begin when we move to Colorado in two years. THEN we're gonna have some things to talk about!

Working our asses off

I'm probably he worst blogger in history.
I haven't been around because Steve and I have been on vacation, and doing tons of stuff to the house.
Well, as I was finishing the last of the staining on the backyard fence I realized, I should have been blogging about what the hell we were doing doing all week and showing the end results.
Oh well, a missed opportunity; another will present itself before long, I'm sure.

As for now, the house is 99.9% finished (my office still needs curtains). We have worked so hard and done so much in a very short time. We couldn't be happier. Now we can enjoy.
But tomorrow it's back to work and really getting back into the swing of things.

Review for Inanimate Objects

"McShane's carefully crafted horror story begins with what happens when a couple sells their soul to the devil without regard to what happens to themselves or others.  I found myself continuously asking, "Could I possibly have a tipping point too?" McShane pushes boundaries by weaving a tale of increasingly horrific acts though well developed characters, plot, and compelling dialogue.  It is a page turner that will have you desperate for love to win! This is a must read."

Guest spot in fellow author's blog!

I had a fellow author invite me to talk about a favorite book of my own.  Of course, I chose Luthor.  It was cool to be asked.  Thanks, Brandon Shire!

Here's the blog link:


Well, we're finally in the new house. We closed on Friday (which, with the new financing rules or whatever they're called, was a nightmare). Steve had to work Friday night, so we didn't get much done then, and he had to work Saturday night, too, but we got a bunch moved beforehand. Then, Sunday we moved all the heavy stuff. It pretty much sucked. Monday was spent doing small things (well, if you consider switching out ceiling fans and replanting a tree small), and today will be spent hanging pictures.

It feels so great to be in the house. We couldn't be happier (actually, if it was in Colorado, we would be ecstatic), but for here, it's great!

My favorite round chair has been pulled out from the office, where it was in the apartment, back out to its proper place in the living room!

This is mine and Steve's third house, and it only proved to us again that, as a team, there's nothing we can't do!