Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life's new chapter-

It's been almost three weeks that we've been in the new house, and things are slowly falling into their normal paces, as life's new chapter begins. Getting used to working out in the mornings before work, adjusting to leaving later for work (the 10 minute commute is a God send), and the various tasks of taking care of a new home are becoming more habitual.

Aside from the house, another part of my life has changed: our boss at my day job (22 months left of that, and counting) has retired.
It's a bit up in the air right now of who is going to be hired to replace her; many have asked if it would be me, to which I quickly reply, "No!" I don't want the stress. Besides, I've got too much writing ahead of me to have my mind preoccupied with a new job.

This new chapter will be a nice change, but the real adventure will begin when we move to Colorado in two years. THEN we're gonna have some things to talk about!

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