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Cool write up about Squish-Squash

This was a cool thing to see on Facebook today.  A write up about Squish-Squash!

             Clink the link below-
What a beautiful picture of two icons!

Stephen King

I'm sending a copy of Luthor to Stephen King.  Not really expecting anything to come of it, but it would be really cool to know that he read the book.


Writing again

I started writing again.  No matter how much I try to fight it, I just can't.  It feels good.  Just put myself in a different mind-set.
Fingers crossed!



I try and try and try!
It's hard not getting discouraged (a state I seem to be stuck in for the last seven months) where my writing "career" is concerned. 
Here's an example-
Yesterday I posted a link for my Serpenteens trailer. I posted it on Twitter (7 thousand+ followers), and I posted it on the Serpenteens FB page (184 likes), I posted it my regular FB page (400+ "friends"), and I posted it on six other FB pages for writers to post their work (?).   And out of all of that I got 3 views!
WTF? Is it really that much of a bother for people to take one minute out of their time?  Apparently I'm just wasting MY time.