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Already mid June

It's already the middle of June. I can't believe it. The temperatures are warming more each day.
And due to the warmer temps, more and more aspens are blooming, which makes driving around difficult because Steve and I are constantly, "Oooh, look how pretty."

But it is incredible. The mountainsides have filled in so much they look almost fluffy.

We've still been getting a lot of rain, which is good because it keeps the fire danger down. But we've been told July is the rainy month. We get too much rain here in the mountains, things start falling over and rolling down hills.

But I love it. It's just all a part of living in such a spectacular place.

Storm coming

Just sitting here watching the clouds of an afternoon storm take over the sky. The hint of thunder can be heard in distance as of bounces of the mountains.
It's been a peaceful day. There have been a lot of those as of late. 
Keep 'em coming!

Great hike!

Yesterday, Steve, Buster, and I went on another hike. It was a place about fifteen minutes from where we live called Catamount Reservoir.

We walked through the woods and up the mountain for about an hour until we got to the reservoir. We were having a great time, but the trail went into the water (at one of the more narrow spots at the end) and out the other side. Over the last few weeks Colorado has had a lot of rain, and there was supposed to be a bridge to cross right there, but it was under water.

I don't know what has come over me since we've moved to the mountain eight weeks ago. I think some primitive mountain man has surfaced. When we had those April snowstorms, Steve couldn't keep me inside. I was just out in the snow, sometimes not doing more than walking around like an idiot.

So, when we came across a flooded path, what did I say? "Let's just take off our shoes and walk across."
  "You're gonna walk across there?"