Sunday, April 29, 2012

A quiet day at home taking care of my baby-

My sweet hubby isn't feeling well.  It seems everyone at his place of business is sick and, try as he could to avoid it, he got whatever they had.  Poor thing's been feeling bad for the past two day and still had to work.  But today he's off, and I don't want him to do anything but rest.

It'll be chicken soup for lunch, thank you.

Other than that, not much else is going on.  My friend, Anjie, the one who did the cover for Luthor and the all trailers, is in New Orleans this weekend for the jazz festival.  She was all a flutter over seeing Tom Petty and Dave Matthews. 

It brings back a bunch of memories for me.  Steve and I have been to New Orleans twice.  It was so great.  Actually, a little sad fact, the first time we went was when Princess Diana was killed.  I remember Steve and I were walking back to our room (I think it was around 2 a.m. or so) and someone walked passed us and said that the queen had been killed in a car accident.  We later discovered the correct information, horrible as it was.
I have a picture we took with a shirtless, very well-muscled, guy holding a picture of Princess Diana.

But other than the sad turn of events, the trip was fun.  And the second one was even better. 

And that's all you're getting.  I plead the "Vegas": What happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans. I won't even explain why we were in a picture with a shirtless well-muscled, guy.

I gotta go check my on my baby.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A candid look at my childhood-

I've debated on whether or not to reveal the things I'm about to write about now . . .

Over the years I've imagined myself becoming famous, and the things I might have to talk about publicly.  Not that I'm by any means famous, but as things have moved along with Luthor, certain emotions are rising in people, and that brought me to make my decision.

First, let me say that I've always known Luthor's story would bring about a mixture of strong emotions with readers. But as I experience those emotions first-hand, it's a bit different. 

Luthor is one of the darkest novels I have ever written.  I believe part of it started out that way because, if you recall, Luthor was supposed to be a monster when I began writing.  It wasn't until later that he took on a whole new persona and became what he did. 
But the darkness that created the "situation" that let to Luthor still remained.  And as themed with the book itself, darkness was very much a part of Luthor's life.

As it was mine.

The abuse that Amanda and Joshua suffer in Luthor is extreme, and for some it is difficult to read.  But the sad truth is that, its equal and more is happening to children all over the world. 

In some ways it happened to me. 

I don't mean as to the extreme of what Garvin Brodrick does to his children, but my childhood was difficult.  My father remarried after my mother's passing and our new step-mother didn't like her new children very much.  Especially me, for some reason (just lucky I guess).

I won't go into details of what occurred, I only wanted readers to know.  I wanted them to know, when they get to those parts in the book that are difficult, that the words and situations on the pages weren't thrown together aimlessly.  That the person who wrote those words understands it.  And what emotions remain within me from all those years ago, created Garvin.  Created those situations.

And to the people who find parts of the book difficult due to personal experience, I'm sorry. 
And know that you are far from alone.

That's it.  Just wanted to let you in a bit more.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just full of giddiness!

Not sure if it's really all that manly to be full of giddiness, but I don't know of any other way to describe it. 
One of the rules of blogging, especially for a writer, is not to bore your readers with the same old subject over and over.  But Luthor is a major part of my life right now, and things are beginning to change because of it. And the title of this blog is the daily ups and downs of  an up and coming writer, and over the past few years there have too many downs.  I am on the way up, and I'm gonna shout it from the top of a mountain (from the top of Pike's Peak, eventually).

I just got done preparing a couple of packages for some people who have purchased signed copies of Luthor.  And as I was doing it, I was so happy. Actually over the past few weeks I have been so happy.  Sales have been great.  People have been talking to me about the book and telling me about the emotions it took them through and how if effected them.  Each time I hear something new, it makes my heart beat a little bit faster.

I've been working on the marketing aspects of things and learning a ton of new stuff.  I honestly feel inside that things are about to change for me (for us, actually, Steve and I), and it's an incredible feeling.  I will admit that there were plenty of times when I was filled with a feeling of hopelessness and despair where my writing was concerned.  I never gave up, but shit, I wanted to so many times. 
I'm so glad I didn't.

While it's true that this is only the beginning (Luthor's only been available for about a month), and I have a lot of work ahead of me, but the energy I have coursing through me is different than I've ever felt before.

And to everyone who has purchased a copy of Luthor, and who now understand what I have been talking about when I say how much the character has touched my life, I thank you.  And to those who have yet to read his story- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Seriously, thank you everyone! Thank you so much.

So, I'm sorry if I may be hammering away at everyone about this book, but there will  be a time when people will look back and say, "I remember when that book just came out. Look how far he's come."

So hop on board the Luthor train! Don't forget, it's available in paperback and eBook (Kindle and Nook).

And don't forget to swing by my site every once in a while, too.  You never know when the store's gonna have something special:


Monday, April 16, 2012

Frustration and patience-

Let me start by saying patience is not my strong point.  As a matter of fact, if I were going to make a list of my shortfalls (and that list would be longer than I'd like to admit) the lack of patience would be at the top.

I've accomplished a lot of things.  And because of that, there are times when I feel I can do anything.  I'm so smart.

Uh, not so much.

I have spent the last hour and fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to put a Paypal button on my website so all you lovely people would have the option of purchasing autographed copies of Luthor without having to send me a check.  The instructions on the Paypal site seemed easy enough, but when it came right down to it, I was, and still am, missing one important element to make the endeavor a success.
And for the life of me I can't freakin figure the shit out!

I hate having to bother other people to do things for me.  But alas, it looks like I will have to bow down again and beg for assistance. 

It's frustrating though.  I like to be able to do things for myself.  I know we all need help with things every once in a while, I'm not ignorant to that fact, but when my need for assistance falls upon me too often, that's when it gets me down.

I have been told in the past that I'm not patient enough, and I accept that.  And perhaps I would be able to eventually figure things out on my own in due time if I were more patient.  But there are times when I feel like that annoying customer at a service window who has one problem after another, and the line behind that customer keeps growing and growing and growing.  All  the other things I have to get done and aren't getting done because I'm tied up with a certain problem are those other customers who are waiting in line.  And that freakin line keeps growing because I can't get this stupid thing done and it's holding me up AND I JUST CAN'T DO IT, AND IT'S MAKING ME CRAZY!

(Don't forget to visit my website and raise my hit numbers, thanks.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Figuring out a pattern-

It seems that each day that passes I get more and more things added to the list of things I need to do.  I have so many goals in mind, yet I keep adding more.  It's just that there are so many opportunities out there, it's a matter of getting my grubby little hands on them.  And it's a matter of figuring out a way to get my grubby little hands on them. 

My ever-growing list of plans would be so much easier to accomplish if I didn't have to waste 9 hours a day at my day job.  If I were able to devote all my time to my writing, things would blossom like a flower on the first day of Spring.
But, alas, I have to continue working my day job.  At least for now.  So, while that obstacle is there, I will simply have to come up with a good enough pattern to get all my projects done around it. 

Sales for Luthor have been going well, and I want to thank everyone who has purchased a copy so far.  Obviously most of my immediate projects surround Luthor, but there are so many other things that need to get done aside from that. 

My mind is a jumbled mess right now, I'm finding it hard to make any sense writing this post without sounding like I'm rambling.  As I write about the things that need doing, I find myself remembering things that I haven't done that I had forgotten about. 
It's a vicious cycle.

But I know the day will come when I will look back at this time and try to recall what was so difficult about it all.  The day will come, as Steve, Buster, and I sit on our porch in the mountains of Colorado, and we'll reflect and be ever so grateful.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

We finally did it-

Well we have finally joined thousands of others who have purchased an iPad and fallen in love. It took us a few years and we ended up getting the 2 instead of the 3 simply for economic reasons. But we're happy. I am currently writing this blog on my couch, which is great!!! However, I can't figure out why, for some reason, I can't upload a picture to my blog. It's probably something simple so I'll figure it out eventually. Hopefully there will be more blog entries since I don't have to be chained to my desk. And if I don't figure out the picture thing, you'll know every time I blog on my iPad because there won't be a picture. :) I am currently fighting buyer's remorse slightly, though. I'm sure it will pass. Okay, that's it for now. Hope everyone has a great Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So it begins-

It's been about three weeks since Luthor was officially available.  And since then I have to say that I've been getting more and more excited with each passing day.  The past four days there's been at least one person who told me that they just bought my book.  That may not seem like a lot, but in actuality, it is.  And those are the only people who I spoke to. In my head there are hundreds of others each day browsing books online and coming across Luthor and falling in love with him.  Other people might have seen something somewhere about it and were curious.
And when those people begin to talk about Luthor to other people, the word is spread. 
So it begins.

The next few weeks will be busy.  Today I had to go to the post office to mail off some books to people who had purchased autographed copies.  I have a feeling I'll be doing that a lot in the future. Then I spent the day dropping off other copies to people who had been waiting for their personal copy.
I still need to set up Paypal on my site for copies from the author.  And I need to finish the media kit for presenting to bookstores when I approach them about carrying Luthor on their shelves. (Good enough sales online and they'll do that anyway, eventually.  Hint-hint, if you haven't ordered a copy yet.)  Another trailer is being worked on, too.

And there's something else that we've got in the works that I think will be really cool.  But there's a time for everything and Luthor's popularity needs to grow a little before we pursue the next step.

So, it's a busy time, but a great time.  Who knows what's around the next corner.

Don't forget that Luthor's now available on Kindle


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