A candid look at my childhood-

I've debated on whether or not to reveal the things I'm about to write about now . . .

Over the years I've imagined myself becoming famous, and the things I might have to talk about publicly.  Not that I'm by any means famous, but as things have moved along with Luthor, certain emotions are rising in people, and that brought me to make my decision.

First, let me say that I've always known Luthor's story would bring about a mixture of strong emotions with readers. But as I experience those emotions first-hand, it's a bit different. 

Luthor is one of the darkest novels I have ever written.  I believe part of it started out that way because, if you recall, Luthor was supposed to be a monster when I began writing.  It wasn't until later that he took on a whole new persona and became what he did. 
But the darkness that created the "situation" that let to Luthor still remained.  And as themed with the book itself, darkness was very much a part of Luthor's life.

As it was mine.

The abuse that Amanda and Joshua suffer in Luthor is extreme, and for some it is difficult to read.  But the sad truth is that, its equal and more is happening to children all over the world. 

In some ways it happened to me. 

I don't mean as to the extreme of what Garvin Brodrick does to his children, but my childhood was difficult.  My father remarried after my mother's passing and our new step-mother didn't like her new children very much.  Especially me, for some reason (just lucky I guess).

I won't go into details of what occurred, I only wanted readers to know.  I wanted them to know, when they get to those parts in the book that are difficult, that the words and situations on the pages weren't thrown together aimlessly.  That the person who wrote those words understands it.  And what emotions remain within me from all those years ago, created Garvin.  Created those situations.

And to the people who find parts of the book difficult due to personal experience, I'm sorry. 
And know that you are far from alone.

That's it.  Just wanted to let you in a bit more.



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