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Something new

As some of you may have picked up on, I don't stick to one particular genre where my writing is concerned. I don't see how I could when there are so many stories that need to be told.
Some of those stories are filled with horror and suspense. Some are filled with mythological characters and adventure. Some are filled with magic.

But now, I'm trying something new: Romance.

I've started a new series titled A Woman's Weakness.
It's a story that follows Chelsea Collins, a woman struggling to get through life day by day, two years after her husband has been killed on a tour of duty.
In that time, Chelsea has not been intimate with anyone else, and she can't bring herself to cross that bridge.
But her mind has different plans and begins to rebel against her solitary existence. Blackouts start, pulling her into sexual fantasies that come without warning.

The first book is called Reverie.

Settling in

Well, we're getting settled in, slowly but surely. Today I finally got some of my computer problems fixed, after seven weeks.

I still can't believe we live here. Wonder how long it'll take to sink in.