Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally finished!

The stubborn wood burning that I had been working on the past three weeks is finally done! I posted a picture of it on Twitter.  As I mentioned before, it's a nude male and I don't want to post it here and have to have an adult content thingy.  So, Twitter it is. (It seems like anything goes on Twitter.)
Other than that . . .
Oh, you know how much I hate waiting? Well, I've been waiting for a shipment of books that should have arrived early last week. 
Long story short:
I ordered books, never got an email saying they've been shipped, knew something was wrong, no one could tell me anything for two weeks, Thursday I found out there was a printer issue and it was delayed.  Really?
But I got the email this morning so my shipment has finally been shipped.  I have a bunch of people who are wanting to get signed copes of Luthor from me and I hate waiting for the books to come in.

Now that they are on their way (fingers crossed), I can start really pushing them on my site. 

It was 92 here today, the last day of March. I know we're about to have a horrible summer, and after the last one, I just have to find some way to get through it.  I was miserable last year. 
I'm gonna focus on Luthor, and hopefully he will help get us to Colorado a year earlier.

Hey, have you gotten your copy? If you're reading this then you must know who I am, and you must know how important it is for us to get to Colorado.
Get over to Barnes& and order a copy.  Paperback or ebook.  You know what, here:

That should make it easier.  If the price isn't good for you now, keep checking because they have sales. It was $14.00 the other day.

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day by day-

I haven't been doing much over the past few days.  Still working on the wood burning. 
It's been taking longer than usual because the piece of wood I'm using is giving me problems.  Different wood burns different ways.  This one is a round log-cut basswood.  The grain in the wood goes circular and that circular pattern causes the wood to burn differently in different sections. I could be going over adding a layer at one temperature and get to a point where that temp isn't hot enough and I have to adjust, but I have to be careful not to go too far where the new temp will be too hot.
The burning I'm doing is of a naked guy and I have two spots like that on this piece and they're on both his legs.  I should have been done a week ago. 

But it's okay,  it's been relaxing.  Just getting through day by day.

Still going back and forth with what I'm going to do with the Y/A series.  Some tell me not to change a thing. 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Always running in the background-

Man, what the hell's been going on lately?  Let me think about it.  It seems that the time from when I posted the first chapter of Luthor and me getting my author copy of the book for approval to now has gone by super fast.  In that odd spans of time, I had ordered and received the new bookmarks (they look great with the book!), I got my five free author copies of the book and got those to the people they were promised, ordered copies for myself to sell on my site and in person, work on my site to get the store ready to begin selling stuff there, and I know there were like three other things I can't think of right now.
But it's been great.
It really has.  It's been exciting to see the book in print.
But now the real work begins as I push with marketing.

But first I'm still decompressing.  I told myself that I would take a couple of weeks to decompress. (And I started another woodburning. The first in more than a year.) But as it turns out, I'm not totally relaxing while I'm supposed to be decompressing, so it doesn't work that well.  I'm like a a DVD player; you can press STOP, but unless you turn off the POWER button, I'm always on, still running in the background.  Maybe that's just me.  Perhaps I'll never be able to completely shut down. 
So, that means I'm still decompressing and it's been two weeks.  But it's not at an unproductive level.

And it will be short lived from this point.  As soon as the burning is done (I can't post a picture of it here because it's a naked picture and don't want to have to have an adult content warning on my blog. whatever) I have to get to work on my YA series again.

I got some information from a publisher today who had decided to pass on the first installment.  They had emailed the typical response: "We have decided to pass . . . blah, blah, blah".  So I decided to break the rules a little and responded back and ask if they could tell me why.
And they did. 
And I can totally see where the things they mentioned in the story could benefit from certain changes.
Why the fuck couldn't someone have told me that a year ago?
That's what I hate about the publishing business.  It's all very straight forward and you do this and you don't do that.
I understand there are a million struggling writers out there, but every once in a while, give some advice instead of just slamming the door.  It would cut down on a lot of work for the wrtier.

So, once the burning is done I will be redoing the first installment of my YA series.  AGAIN!

It's okay-each time it gets better and better.

Don't forget to help us get to Colorado and fulfill our dreams.  Buy Luthor! Ebook's coming soon.

Monday, March 5, 2012

. . . waiting . . . waiting . . .

Guess what--I'm still waiting.

Yeah, still waiting for my author copy of Luthor to get here.  I was hoping to come home and see a cardboard box with an iUniverse logo on it sitting on my step. 
But alas, that was not to be. 

But it's okay.  I'll be fine.

I am currently waiting (yeah, more waiting) for Steve to get home from work.  Another one of his 11-hour days. At times like these, I hate that he has to work so hard, and I pray that Luthor is the beginning of some big changes for us. 
People will start taking notice . . . Doors that had been closed and bolted would slowly begin to open . . .

Luthor is never far from my mind.  Never has been.  But as of late, obviously, he's been on my mind a lot more. 
He's the key that will open those doors. 
Luthor took off on his own while I was creating him.  I look forward to seeing what happens when everyone meets him.
So, I'm a little anxious.
My mind is going all the time.  Even when I try to slow it down, there are times I just fail.  It's like the inner workings of a giant clock, all the wheels and gears moving in different directions (insert Tim Burton effects and crazy music).

But it's okay.  I'll be fine.

Maybe it'll be here tomorrow.
I'll just wait.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I've never been very good at waiting.  I was born impatient.  I was probably born early, I don't know. 
I'm waiting for the hard copy of Luthor to show up at my door for my final approval.  It should be here any day.  Finally, after all these years, I will see my prized piece of work in print.

But waiting has never been my strong suit. 

On a sadder note; I'm also waiting to see what happens with my brother, Kevin, who's been sick lately.  I don't want to divulge too much of his personal health problems, but it's pretty serious.  I heard from my niece last night and it looks like he will need surgery.  So, we'll  wait to see what happens with that.
We'll need everyone's thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Other than playing the waiting game, I have been decompressing from my hard work with getting Luthor finished.  But I know that my down time is coming to a close and I need to get back to writing.  I need to finish the second installment of my young adult series. (I am currently waiting to hear back from a publisher on the first installment. Yeah, waiting.)
I will also have a lot of marketing work to do when Luthor finally does become available.   There will be a lot of creative marketing ideas I'll have to come up with to get it out to as many people as I possibly can.  I'll have to hit book fairs, conventions, and so forth.  It'll be a busy time.  But it will be a fun time, too.

For now . . . I wait.

Don't forget to watch the Luthor trailer on my website:


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