Monday, March 5, 2012

. . . waiting . . . waiting . . .

Guess what--I'm still waiting.

Yeah, still waiting for my author copy of Luthor to get here.  I was hoping to come home and see a cardboard box with an iUniverse logo on it sitting on my step. 
But alas, that was not to be. 

But it's okay.  I'll be fine.

I am currently waiting (yeah, more waiting) for Steve to get home from work.  Another one of his 11-hour days. At times like these, I hate that he has to work so hard, and I pray that Luthor is the beginning of some big changes for us. 
People will start taking notice . . . Doors that had been closed and bolted would slowly begin to open . . .

Luthor is never far from my mind.  Never has been.  But as of late, obviously, he's been on my mind a lot more. 
He's the key that will open those doors. 
Luthor took off on his own while I was creating him.  I look forward to seeing what happens when everyone meets him.
So, I'm a little anxious.
My mind is going all the time.  Even when I try to slow it down, there are times I just fail.  It's like the inner workings of a giant clock, all the wheels and gears moving in different directions (insert Tim Burton effects and crazy music).

But it's okay.  I'll be fine.

Maybe it'll be here tomorrow.
I'll just wait.

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