Finally finished!

The stubborn wood burning that I had been working on the past three weeks is finally done! I posted a picture of it on Twitter.  As I mentioned before, it's a nude male and I don't want to post it here and have to have an adult content thingy.  So, Twitter it is. (It seems like anything goes on Twitter.)
Other than that . . .
Oh, you know how much I hate waiting? Well, I've been waiting for a shipment of books that should have arrived early last week. 
Long story short:
I ordered books, never got an email saying they've been shipped, knew something was wrong, no one could tell me anything for two weeks, Thursday I found out there was a printer issue and it was delayed.  Really?
But I got the email this morning so my shipment has finally been shipped.  I have a bunch of people who are wanting to get signed copes of Luthor from me and I hate waiting for the books to come in.

Now that they are on their way (fingers crossed), I can start really pushing them on my site. 

It was 92 here today, the last day of March. I know we're about to have a horrible summer, and after the last one, I just have to find some way to get through it.  I was miserable last year. 
I'm gonna focus on Luthor, and hopefully he will help get us to Colorado a year earlier.

Hey, have you gotten your copy? If you're reading this then you must know who I am, and you must know how important it is for us to get to Colorado.
Get over to Barnes& and order a copy.  Paperback or ebook.  You know what, here:

That should make it easier.  If the price isn't good for you now, keep checking because they have sales. It was $14.00 the other day.

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks!


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