We've started a new year. We've started a new opportunity to be a better person. A happier person. It's no secret that I'm one of the worst bloggers around. Why? Because no one reads it. And that had been a difficult thing for me to handle for years. So I feel I don't need to try. 

2018 was a bad year. No only because there's a new problem with the cunt in the White House every day, but with people in general. People have gotten more violent and uncaring. As a society, it is clear that we are declining. 
It's been extremely difficult attempting to stay positive over the last 12+ months. But that is going to change.
I am going to fight for positivity. No more depression. No more doubting myself or my writing. If people don't want to read my blog, big fucking deal! I don't care anymore. The time for change is now!

No more thoughts of suicide (yes, there have been days). No more self-depreciation. I will do whatever I can to be successful. I will not stop. 

2019 will be my year!


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