Quarantine day 18

It's 5:12 in the evening, and I almost forgot to do my blog! Everything seems to be running together, I can't remember what I did one day from the next.
What did I do today? I worked out, I play Odyssey, I walked Finn, cleaned the bathrooms, and watched a few episodes of West Wing with Steve and we just watched an episode of Game of Thrones.
I have to say, I think I have the best quarantine partner around. I'm reminded again and again how lucky I am.

On the positive side of quarantining, it seems to be working.

But again, people need to not get complacent and loosen up. And people need to wear masks when they're asked to! Enough of this, "Well, I don't feel sick, so I don't need a mask." People can carry it and not show symptoms and still pass it on. We have to stop this now so it doesn't just linger for months and months. That will be really scary when the economy begins to crumble.


This is a t…

Quarantine day 17

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayfridaySaturSunMo . . .

Okay, even for someone who prefers to stay home rather than be out and about, this is getting a bit rough. I've never wanted to go to the gym so much before in my whole freaking life. It's like when you're told you can't eat chocolate cake anymore, and all you ever want is chocolate cake and a big glass of milk.

That's the scary part of this moment. Everyone is getting cabin fever after being cooped up for so long. This is the time when people start getting fed up with it and begin breaking the rules and leaving the house. But as soon as that happens, all the work that's been done and the time spent quarantining will be for nothing.

Everyone needs to just hold on for a few more weeks. Yes, weeks. Our stay-at-home order here in Colorado has been extended to the end of the month.
But the end of the month will come.
And the end of this quarantine will come.

Just keep yourself busy, and try not to get on o…

Quarantine day 16

Yesterday was a bad day. It began with an overwhelming sense of dread and fear from the information given on the morning news. It set the tone for the day. 😔
This morning I didn't turn the TV on, because I didn't want a repeat. From 5-8 I kept myself busy with a video game and exercise, until Steve woke up.

It's a battle between not wanting to be reminded constantly about all the sadness and terrible things that are going on and the need to be informed about what the hell is going on.
When Steve got up, he turned on GMA and there was actually a bit of good news regarding New York and signs that they may have passed the peak of the virus.
With Italy and China now healing, and signs that states here are showing signs of improvement (as bleak as they may be), it is proving that social-distancing and self-quarantine is working.
A 30-day self-quarantine is what is showing to be the essential tool in stopping the spread of this hor…

Quarantine day 15

"It's going to be a Pearl Harbor, 9/11 week for Americans."
That's the current warning I just heard on the morning news. It hit me good. No matter how hard I try to stay positive, those moments of fear and panic just hit.

I know this thing will end, it has to, but every day and every week that it continues and worsens, seals in those fears and moments of panic. Running out of ventilators, running out of medicine, running out of doctors and nurses . . .

Stay safe, everyone. Stay inside! All of the inconsiderate idiots that are ignoring the self-quarantine and social-distancing orders are endangering others who are obeying the orders. Those are the people who will cause this pandemic to last for months. Shameful.

Quarantine day 14

Woke up this morning with a bout of allergies. Pretty unnerving when it happens during a pandemic. Scratchy throat and headache. But I know it's allergies. For one, Steve had a scratchy throat before he went to bed last night, but it's not now. Also, I feel better than I did when I first woke up, having taken my daily allergy pill.
But the main reason we're certain that allergies are the culprit is because of the weather. Two days ago it was warm. Then the temperature dropped and overnight we got three inches of snow. Yesterday was colder but sunny enough to melt most of the snow. Today it's going to be in the 60's. Tomorrow and Tuesday we'll be in the 70's, before the temperature falls down to the 30's and we get more effin' snow! 😡

Anyway, the updated guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic, or as tRump calls it: "C-O-V-I-D-19." It is now suggested that everyone wear face masks when venturing outside. Of course, the one who has to spell o…

Quarantine day 13

Each morning I start by thinking of something to look forward to for that day. Even it was Steve having a day off or LivePD being on the night 😊, whatever it may be. This is something I've always done. And even lately, while we've been quarantined, oddly enough, I like it that we don't have anything to do and we can just hang out. So that has been my "look forward to" lately, the simple enjoyment of not having to do anything and just be with Steve.
That was until this morning. For some reason, I woke and started thinking about the day, but instead of being okay with no timeline and an open schedule to sit around, I felt trapped and scared. When I began thinking of the day, I immediately remembered that there was a horrific pandemic going on, and we shouldn't leave the apartment. That it is all real and happening now. Then I started thinking again about what was really going on and the shear impact of it all with stores closed, schools closed, people out of …

Quarantine day 12

Woke up to three inches of snow on the ground this morning. Yeah! 😡 Now our only outside time of walking the dogs will be more challenging. Also, we have to wait for the apartment complex to clear all the walkways. The 5 a.m. outing was fun enough with two dogs.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am no longer a fan of snow. It only took five years, but it happened. Last year, our last year on the mountain, we got roughly nine feet of snow from October to June. It was a horrible winter.
This winter, we're down in the Springs in the apartment, and snow had become more tiresome. At least at the cabin, once the shoveling was done, it was time to play outside. Brodee loved playing in the snow. We lived on a cul-de-sac with a great sledding street.
But here in the Springs and the apartment, the snow just makes the staircase (three flights) treacherous and there's no playing in it. It's just there.

Anyway, that's that. Snow bunny I am no longer.

We're not sure how long …