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Treading water and going under

Once again I have  that all too familiar feeling that I'm treading water and running out of steam.  
I love writing, and I hate that I get to feeling like this at times, but it happens again and again.
Because I feel it's all for nothing.  I spend most of my hours at home sitting in front of the computer writing.  When I'm not doing that, I am on Twitter and FaceBook marketing.  I post and try to promote as much as possible, but then when the royalty check comes in every third quarter, I'm let down tremendously. 
I will retire from my day job in 10 months, and was looking forward to finally being a full-time writer.  But at the moment, I feel I will most likely have to get a part time job at some point, because sales from my books will do nothing to supplement my income.
Posting poor sales is probably not the greatest thing for an author to do, but that's what this blog is about- the good and the bad, and right now I'm feeling pretty badly.  I've written el…

Count down!

It seems forever ago when I first started talking about the fact that Steve and I would be moving to Colorado when I retire, but it's already almost mid April, and come February I'll retire!
Once my retirement begins, we will begin the process of figuring out our finances and then prepare to sell the house (that will be difficult, because we have fallen in love with it).
When the time comes I will be posting many more entries here, so you will be able to follow along and join us on our new adventure!