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We were driving around the other day looking to nab some pictures of elk, but we failed to find any.We did see our first bald eagle, though!

Worth it?

I thought I had convinced myself that I would no longer allow the feelings of discouragement and failure to rule.But it's harder than I had thought. I know a writer shouldn't talk about how bad sales are, but I don't see how it could make things worse.    I do so much to market my books. I have over 9,100 Twitter followers, I'm on more than 84 book clubs on Facebook (a combination of more than 30,000 members), and I spend about an hour posting every single morning. But with all of this, I still get quarterly royalty checks that won't buy me much at Starbucks! That's what happened yesterday, and all the time and effort I put into writing and marketing more than twelve books seems like such a waste of time. Yes, writing a book is rewarding on some levels, but those familiar feelings of doubt are stronger than I am. I'm retired now from my day job, and I was so excited about being a full-time writer at last, but I'm not sure what the future holds for me. I have …

Spring snow

We got our first spring snow yesterday, and Steve, Buster, and I have been loving it!  There have been so many times when we imagined days when we would be snowed in and could just enjoy it, now reality did not disappoint. We are loving Colorado! 
As far as writing, I am working on the initial notes for the final Serpenteens installment, Battle of the Gods, and I'm so excited to get the actual writing!

Loving it

This is what mountain living is about.

From the mountain

Well, after five years of dreaming and a lot of planning, we have finally made it to our dream spot in the mountains of Colorado. It has only been a few days I know, but I can't shake the feeling that we're on some type of vacation-scheduled timeline. It hasn't truly sank in that we didn't have to leave this beautiful place. This is home. This is where we'll live for the rest of our lives. 
Not a bad view to have while walking Buster. 
Not a bad place to start a brand new chapter in our lives.