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Such a loss

I can't believe this! What a huge loss. We've lost too many over the last few years. So sad.

RIP Prince.

Battle of the Gods

I have finished the 1st draft of the final installment of the Serpenteens saga, Battle of the Gods. It turned out just as good as I had hoped it would, but was also not without its challenges.

It was a bit hard to close the story. After four books, the teens and I have been through a lot. I hope I did them justice.

Well, on to the 2nd draft!

If you haven't yet met the Serpenteens, there's still plenty of time before Battle of the Gods comes out!

Order here!

Year anniversary

One year ago today, Steve, Buster, and I arrived in Colorado to begin our new life.
There's been a few challenges, but nothing we couldn't handle. We got an apartment, and for the first nine months here, loved living there, and enjoyed settling in. 
On February 1st we moved into our forever home! 
We have been truly blessed with finding our Cabin Above the Clouds, it is 99% everything we had ever dreamed of.
The past year has gone by so fast, but that's probably because we've been enjoying ourselves so much! Our first year in Colorado is complete, many, many more to look forward to!