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I finished Squish-Squash today! It just has to go through three readers and edits rounds, but the big job is done! 
Can't wait for the cover to be revealed!


44 years ago today marked a turning point in GLBT history. We will keep fighting until we are treated equally!



Fingers crossed!

Today will be a historic day in US history. I'm just praying it will be historic in a positive way and not another reason to feel shame for the county in which we live.

A huge loss


Fighting self-doubt

As a writer, I find that there are times why I struggle with self-doubt. I'm sure that this is true of most writers, and there is no real cure on the market for it. It is simply something that happens from time to time.
For me, the time usually occurs when I am struggling to finish a book and I feel "stuck." It also happens when I read a really good book and question my talent in comparison to the talent of the author I'm reading.
It also happens when I really tired. 
But I know that these moments of doubt will be short-lived, and my mind will straighten itself out again eventually.  It's all a part of the profession that I have chosen. No, correction, the profession that chose me. 
So I will muddle on, and try my hardest to be patient. I will continue writing, and when the current project is complete, I will look back on these troubled times and realize I was just being over critical.

So true!




Life is great!

It's Saturday morning and I sit here on my front porch drinking coffee, preparing to go up and start writing. But as I sit here, I can't help but send a quick thank you to the Man upstairs for my life. I'm at one of those points where everything is great and the worries of daily living are a million miles away.