Always running in the background-

Man, what the hell's been going on lately?  Let me think about it.  It seems that the time from when I posted the first chapter of Luthor and me getting my author copy of the book for approval to now has gone by super fast.  In that odd spans of time, I had ordered and received the new bookmarks (they look great with the book!), I got my five free author copies of the book and got those to the people they were promised, ordered copies for myself to sell on my site and in person, work on my site to get the store ready to begin selling stuff there, and I know there were like three other things I can't think of right now.
But it's been great.
It really has.  It's been exciting to see the book in print.
But now the real work begins as I push with marketing.

But first I'm still decompressing.  I told myself that I would take a couple of weeks to decompress. (And I started another woodburning. The first in more than a year.) But as it turns out, I'm not totally relaxing while I'm supposed to be decompressing, so it doesn't work that well.  I'm like a a DVD player; you can press STOP, but unless you turn off the POWER button, I'm always on, still running in the background.  Maybe that's just me.  Perhaps I'll never be able to completely shut down. 
So, that means I'm still decompressing and it's been two weeks.  But it's not at an unproductive level.

And it will be short lived from this point.  As soon as the burning is done (I can't post a picture of it here because it's a naked picture and don't want to have to have an adult content warning on my blog. whatever) I have to get to work on my YA series again.

I got some information from a publisher today who had decided to pass on the first installment.  They had emailed the typical response: "We have decided to pass . . . blah, blah, blah".  So I decided to break the rules a little and responded back and ask if they could tell me why.
And they did. 
And I can totally see where the things they mentioned in the story could benefit from certain changes.
Why the fuck couldn't someone have told me that a year ago?
That's what I hate about the publishing business.  It's all very straight forward and you do this and you don't do that.
I understand there are a million struggling writers out there, but every once in a while, give some advice instead of just slamming the door.  It would cut down on a lot of work for the wrtier.

So, once the burning is done I will be redoing the first installment of my YA series.  AGAIN!

It's okay-each time it gets better and better.

Don't forget to help us get to Colorado and fulfill our dreams.  Buy Luthor! Ebook's coming soon.


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