Gonna be a long day

Today is gonna be a long day. You see, we're trying to sell our house, and today we're having an open house. That means that we have to take Buster and vacate for three hours. Which usually isn't that bad, but Steve's working today, so it's just Buster and I alone. And we could usually go to the park or something, but it's going to be another 100 degree day so that may be out. I have no idea what we're gonna do.
Anyway, the picture on the right is one of my woodburnings I did for someone. Pryrography is something else I do on the side. Every once in a while I'll post my newest piece here for you to see. And, every once in a while they may be naked men. That's why there's a adult content warning before you open the blog.
When I was blogging at Yahoo360 I posted a piece called The Embrace, it's a picture of two guys, naked, holding each other. I had never done people before, just landscapes and animals, and wanted to try it because the picture was really pretty (for lack of a better word). And when I got done, I was shocked by how well it turned out. So I posted it and got chewed out by Yahoo for posting naked images. Anyway, I think I may be doing more in the future because I think the male muscular body is a thing of beauty.
So, that's what I have going on today. I am off to the gym first, then come home and get ready for the open house and do . . . whatever.
I'll be back soon.


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