Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dream comes with struggle

When is too much information too much information in a blog? I don't know. Feeling a bit melancholy this morning after Steve left for yet another 12/13 hour day after a 14 hour day yesterday.

People see my posts on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and think it's simply perfect here. And yes, visually, it is. But it comes at a price. There are more and more instances when I can't help but question: is that price too much?

It was my idea to move to the mountains after I retired from the City. But it seems that Steve is currently catching the brunt of that decision. He works down in Colorado Springs (down a 14 mile pass) and works long hours. Finding a job in a small city that would pay enough for us to be able to pay all of our bills proved to be more challenging than expected. I, too, have had to get a part-time job to tide us over until my writing career finally pays off (yes, that was a slight hint to all you readers).

But working long hours hasn't been the only challenge we've faced after moving 9,800 feet up a mountain.

When is enough enough?

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