A little sleepy, but worth it-

Last night, as Steve and I lay in our bed waiting for sleep to fully envelope us, we began to wonder what the neighbor above us was doing, because we kept hearing booming and rumbling.  Eventually we realized that it wasn't the neighbor at all but an unexpected thunder and lightning storm that was quickly approaching. 
As the thunder got louder and louder (and Buster became more and more anxious) we jumped out of bed, ran to the window and threw up the sash--nah, not really. But we did jump out of bed to go watch the storm.  And man, what a storm it was.  The wind and rain was fierce!  The rain lasted throughout the night and into the early morning. 
Thank you, God!
We need nights/days like that.  My heart still breaks when I think of the ten million trees that died last summer because of the drought.  I hate to think about it because it only exacerbates the whole global warming problem.  The trees on the planet regulate the moisture in the air, while also cleaning it.  Part of the reason the planet is warming so is because we're tearing down all the trees.  With a loss of ten million more in one summer, it will only make matters worse.
So, come on rain!
But on the down side, I'm a little groggy today because I didn't get much sleep.  But I think the trade off is worth it.  I love thunder storms.  Buster . . .not so much.  Poor baby was a mess.  But he's fine now, and asleep in bed with Steve.
Have a great Sunday, everyone!
And don't forget to stop by my site every once in a while.  Eventually I'll get the PayPal button to work. Aaaagh!


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