I'm sitting here waiting for Steve to get home from work. And as I sit here, my stomach grumbles and complains because I'm starving! He's bringing us dinner from Chuy's and I can smell it already! So, in a few days (four to be exact) we will be leaving for our road trip to Colorado. We can't wait! That's pretty much the thing that's been occupying my mind almost every hour of every day. Now that I've got the camera situation sorted out, I can't wait to take a ton of really pretty pictures. But as excited as we are to go to Colorado, I know it's going to be very difficult to return to Austin. I will have to get it in my head to deal with what we have for the remaining time that we'll have it. I will only end up making myself crazy if I regret every second. I'll simply have to find my happy place as I fight traffic and deal with the 100+ degree heat this summer. But the few years we have left here is only a moment in time compared to what awaits us!


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