Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue Moon Excerpt

Chapter 14

John’s screams woke me from my flight.  I sat up in the chair and looked at him. He was naked and bent over, like he was sick.  I stood and walked to the glass.
  “John, are you okay?”
He moaned and screamed out again. “Leave!”
  “What’s wrong with you?”
  “What the fuck do you think is wrong?”
  “John, tell yourself that it’s all in your head.  Try and stay in control.”
He stood and lunged at me.  I stepped back as I looked at him.  His face was red, all distorted and covered in sweat.  He growled at me. “Does this look like it’s in my fucking head?” 
  Tears flooded his eyes.  “I’m sorry.” I whispered. 
  I don’t know why, but I just felt that I had to apologize.  Partly for not trusting him, no matter how many times I said I did.  For not believing him, even after I was convinced.  But mostly, I think I apologized because at long last, I absolutely knew it was true.
  “John!” I yelled as he flung himself against the far wall.  I watched as he repeated this, again and again. “John, stop it!” 
  I felt helpless.  I was standing there, watching him beat himself, and I could do nothing to help him.  I was not made to stand around and watch.  It wasn’t in my nature.  His screams became louder.  I stood there as he flung himself against his bed, the sink, the walls.  In a panic, I glanced around the room and saw what I was looking for: the button on the wall that would open his cell.  Almost without thinking, I ran and slammed my fist against it and watched as the panel, slowly opened.  John watched in disbelief.
   “Noooo!  You idiot!” He yelled at me as I ran into the cell and grabbed him.  He threw me to the floor.  “Get out of here! Close that door! Pleeease!”
  He fell to the floor in a fetal position, and that’s when it started:
  I couldn’t believe it.  I was frozen with both fear and amazement.  Suddenly, his skin began to move.  His bones appeared as if they were twisting beneath it.  I watched his features change.  His torso grew.  His legs became fuller, more muscular.  Then, his arms started to fill out. The flesh swelled up as the bones stretched.  I could actually hear them.  His arms changed shape even more, and came to look more like his legs.  He had four legs.  Then his face changed.  His forehead, nose and mouth stretched out, forming a snout.  I watched a tail grow from the end of his spine.  Then, almost instantly, the hair came.  Within seconds, he was covered.  And when his screams stopped, he howled, and I was staring at the largest damn wolf I had ever seen. 
  He turned . . . it turned to me, watched me for a second, as if deciding what to do, as if trying not to do what it knew it must.
  Then, it attacked.

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Coming soon to eBook: The Blue Moon saga continues with-The Rise of the Son

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