Full heart-

I sit here, in a cottage in our friends' backyard where Steve and I are staying in Woodland Park, Colorado, with a full heart. In 2008, when Steve and I returned from Canada, we made the decision that we would be leaving Austin. We spent the next year or so trying to decide where we wanted to go. We toyed with Portand, Sante Fe and even returning to Canada. But one day I discovered a place called Woodland Park, Colorado. It seemed like it had everything we were looking for: small town, woods, snow in the winter. The more I researched about WP, the more I liked. Eventually we met our friends Kevin & Jeremy, who happen to be moving to WP and we followed their adventure of moving to the town that would one day be our home. No matter how much I looked at pictures of WP or sat at the computer and stared at the traffic cams, it did not prepare me for seeing it in person. Actually, seeing Colorado in general was an eye-opening experience. But the City Above the Clouds was and is everything I had hoped. Aside from the beauty of it, the people are nice and of course the weather is to die for. I know we will have two years to wait until we can make this dream a reality, but I will spend that two years doing everything in my power to make our dream a reality. In a few days, we're going to have to return to Austin, but it will only be 90% of my being that returns, because I will be leaving my heart on the mountain in Woodland Park.


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